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  1. Tekkon kinkreet

    I'm not that big on anime but an old classmate is working on it and it looks kinda cool, the characters especially.
    Based on a manga named Black and White, it's being made by Studio 4c.

    Check out the trailer on their homepage

  2. That actually looks really cool. Did you ever see Noiseman Sound Insect? It's only available in English through the usual places. It's by the same studio and has a really similar visual style. Those backgrounds rock.
    How'd your classmate get in on that one?

  3. No I haven't seen that one, as I said I'm not that big on anime and manga (I mostly just check out Fist of the North Star,Otogi matsuri(I love me some Joker Jun) Berserk and the occasional Ghibli flick). I'll look it up though.

    We haven't really talked about it that much. We rarely talk at all due to the time difference but I'll try to squeeze some more info from him next time.

  4. This is out and fucking rad.

    Watch it and be happy you did.

  5. I seen the big fat ass manga edition of this in stores. I might have to pick this up since I'm caught up on my reading. I need to watch this and pick up the soundtrack if its out.

  6. It's like, really fucking good.

  7. Well that was an interesting failure. I liked it, but it needed more space to breathe and develop. There weren't enough characters for a story about a city, and we knew as soon as it happened where tearing Black and White from each other was going to lead. The art direction was simply fantastic, but the animation was jerky. I'm still glad I saw it, and can recommend it, but I wish there had been a bit more to Tekkonkinkreet.



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