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Thread: Working CPS2 emulator for PSP.

  1. Working CPS2 emulator for PSP.

    edit: Please note it's a test build which may have quite a few problems.

    edit: As of the most recent test build release it sounds as though there are few (if any) real problems from those running it.

    The author is unsure he can get a satisfactory release coded but is allowing the test rev so folks can try it for fun.

    Progear is my favorite of the handful of PCBs I have owned, so I'd love to practice on the go. Thanks to BIG in our shmup forum for finding this. There is now a working CPS2 emulator for PSP. Looks like I will be ordering one of those mod chips.

    You Tube video showing Storm of Progear running on a PSP:

    Full translated info thread on DCEmu about the emulator:

    Info on how it works and how you can get a test build of it:

    The original page is here,

    Here's what I could translate from the page. (My Japanese is a little rusty) If this translation is used elsewhere please give credit to me (BelmontSlayer), as this took almost 45 minutes!

    Japanese To English Tranlation

    When I first made my CPS1 emulator, the emulation of the Musashi M68000 (The core of MAME) wasn't running so good. After figuring out how the core operated I was able to emulate the remodeling of C68K. Even more suprising was that sound worked quite well!

    When i decided to try CPS2, the processing of sprites was actually easier than CPS1. Sprite proccessing is a big factor in emulation.

    The PSP has 32MB of memory, but the OS takes 8MB by itself, so only 24MB memory can be used. Because 4MB is used for the emulator, you can only use 20MB as the data area for the ROM of the game. But, memory is not enough alone. If there is no XOR table for the encoding cancellation of ROM, its not very usefull.

    I tried using sound with the emulator. As for BGM (Background Music) there is no problem, but because the SE (Sound Effects) cracks somewhat, it becomes a matter of concern. I tried lowering the volume, but it isn't solved that simply.

    Also, there are several sprites displaying strangely. This is also a problem unless it is solved.

    I tried using the same cache system as my NEOGEO emulator, and was able to move in-game. But, according to my expectations that's not good enough. Because the emulator is slowly reading the cache file, the game play very slow. The reason is that smooth animation when using sprite cache is not effective.

    The CPS2 emulation is a small advancement. But throwing out the project halfway, without a regret is kind of hard.

    My motivation is slowly declining. (NJ laughs)
    I still haven't decided if I will release this or not.

    End Of Tranlation

    So hopefully he will release the source code...But it seems as if he thinks smooth emulation isn't possible.

    -- Update --
    A test build has been posted on the website. You can download it by following the link at the top of this news article.

    Just a note, Make sure you run your rom zip though the included converter. Games will not run without the cache file.
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  2. anyone tried this yet?
    what was the speed on the emu, the video from youtube looked smooth to me

    btw is any Marvel vs. Capcom games on the CPS2?

  3. Haven't tried it yet, and the first MVsC game is on the cps 2.

  4. This is great! We don't need to buy capcom classics collection now and we can configure it however we want.
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  5. There's a fellow in the thread I linked who is documenting what games run at what speed. Average is 35-60fps depending on the game. Folks who have tried it say it's running amazingly well for a test build.
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  6. dude from is crazy

    a Neo Geo emu
    a Neo Geo CD emu
    a CPS1 emu
    a CPS2 emu
    didn't he also make a MAME emu for PSP as well or was that someone else?

  7. Just an FYI, NJ released version 2 of the test tonight. And here are some more results from a user in the previously linked forum:

    Games tested:

    Here is a list of all the CPS2 games with updates on the ones tested.

    I will update the list with what fps they run at.

    1944 The Loop Master -60+fps (xiringu)
    19XX The War Against Destiny
    Alien Vs. Predator -55~60fps w/ 22khz sound(QueadlunnRau)
    Battle Circuit -50~60fps (jaydee73)
    Capcom Sports Club Dunk Stars, Smash Stars, Kick Stars
    Cyberbots Fullmetal Madness
    Dungeons & Dragons Shadow over Mystara -55~60fps w/ 22khz sound (QueadlunnRau)
    Dungeons & Dragons Tower of Doom -60fps w/ 22khz sound (jaydee73)
    Galum Pa!
    Giga Wing -60fps w/ 22khz sound(QueadlunnRau)
    Great Mahou Daisakusen / Dimahoo
    Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition
    Jyangokushi Haoh no Saihai
    Mars Matrix Hyper Solid Shooting -50~60fps (XEvilBladesX)
    Marvel Super Heroes
    Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter -Menu- 30~60fps In Game- 5~25fps (XEvilBladesX)
    Marvel Vs. Capcom : Clash of Super Heroes -25~35fps (US Version) (QueadlunnRau)
    Mighty! Pang -60+fps (xiringu)
    Pocket Fighter / Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix -45~60fps (QueadlunnRau)
    Powered Gear / Armored Warriors -60fps w/ 22khz sound (QueadlunnRau)
    Progear no Arashi / Progear -50~60fps w/ 22khz sound (ronin47)
    Puzz Loop 2 -60+fps (xiringu)
    Quiz Nanairo Dreams Nijiirochou no Kiseki
    RockMan The Power Battle
    RockMan 2 / Mega Man 2 The Power Fighters -60 fps w/ 22khz sound (SpacemanSpiff)
    Street Fighter Zero / Alpha -40~60fps (jaydee73)
    Street Fighter Zero 2 / Alpha 2
    Street Fighter Zero 3 / Alpha 3 -Menu- 5~60fps In Game- 2~30fps (XEvilBladesX)
    Super Muscle Bomber / Ring of Destruction
    Super Puzzle Fighter II X / Turbo -60+fps (xiringu)
    Super Street Fighter II The New Challengers -45~60fps (delt31)
    Ultimate Ecology / Eco Fighters -60fps (jaydee73)
    Vampire / Darkstalkers The Night Warriors
    Vampire Hunter / Night Warriors Dstlkers Revenge
    Vampire Hunter 2 Darkstalkers Revenge
    Vampire Savior The Lord of Vampire
    Vampire Savior 2 The Lord of Vampire
    X-Men Children of the Atom -30~40fps (jaydee73)
    X-Men Vs. Street Fighter -30~40fps (US Version) (QueadlunnRau)
    Dying to try this. Shame my PSP is now 2.71, but oh well.
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  8. Test version 4 is out now. cl25 from the Shmup forum tried a handful of shooters and the quality of emulation sounds better all the time :

    Quote Originally Posted by cl25
    It's been a while since I posted, but when I saw this thread, I had to try out this new CPS2 emulator (I used the recently released ver.4). It's hard to tell the quality of the emulation from the posted video, but I can tell you from my experience that the emulation is indeed VERY good (close to flawless on some games - fortunately the shooters are the best ones, and even tate is supported!).

    19XX, Progear, Ecofighters, Gigawing, Mars Matrix, and Dimahoo are all close to perfect . Of course it goes without saying that nothing compares with the actual PCB (I used my Progear CPS2 board for comparison), but this is truly a fantastic treat for shmup fans. Imagine, being able to play all of these games on the go. We never got many ports of these shooters, so I have to say that this is the next best thing.

    By the way, I tried the corresonding CPS1 emulator (beta2 release), and that one is excellent, as well. 1941, Varth, UN Squadron, and Carrier Airwing all run without a problem.
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  9. Damn, got to get my PSP chipped.

  10. I really like the idea of Tate 19XX, at full speed, anywhere you go..

    I wonder if performance would improve for the CPS2 emulator (as well as the Neo Geo cart emu) if the program was allowed to access un-zipped cached files (although that doesn't work in the emulator's current state)? Kind of like how games on the Neo CD emu would run without loadtimes if the game files were unzipped..
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