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Thread: Megaman Powered Up 19.99

  1. Megaman Powered Up 19.99

    Just a tenative heads up, last week I was browsing the game shelves at our new Super Walmart and noticed MM Powered Up was tagged for 19.99. I say tenatively because while the price tag on the case 19.99, the label on the shelf said 29.99. Probably just an anomoly though. As someone who owns the game I highly recommend it and at 19.99 you're getting one feature packed little game.

  2. It's $19.99 pretty much everywhere now. Same for Maverick Hunter X.

  3. Thanks. NBC the more you know sound bite

  4. i'm wondering if i should buy copies of these games while they're cheap and before they maybe become hard to find. i don't have a psp, though.

  5. ^^^

    As a person who has bought wanted games before owning a given system, I say go for it. I own several games I bought early which are now gougers on ebay and it is a good feeling to have gotten them cheap.

  6. I missed Powered up thru the Best Buy coupon, picked up Maverick Hunter instead... So now i can get another 20 dollar game for psp


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