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Thread: Music Gear Discussion

  1. Honestly, I'm not a brand person at all. The last guitar I bought was that Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster, and I've been blown away by the quality of that guitar. I'll play anything and if I can find something comparable to that Squier at about $350 tops, I'd be stoked.

    The reason I have a hard on for those P90s; I use such low wattage amps, they're pretty much cranked, and with the Jazzmasters I always struggle with a tiny bit of squeal when using fuzz and shit. I used that SG, and the thing was SO MUCH louder, but not hot. I could stack my overdrives and fuzz perfectly with no squeally feedback. Is that typical of P90s? Or does that SG just have some 70's mojo?

  2. I wouldn't try to imply that your one of those brand whores. I just felt the question was broad ya know? Ask if Gibson guitars are any good and some will say yes and some will say no. And the same with any other. Might as well ask if black licorice is good. Unless you're gathering data for a book, you're just going to have to taste it. It's not BTW

    Are those J MAscis ones MIJ? That's an indicator of quality to me personally. But wherever those are made they are fucking awesome and I've always wanted one. That red Viper I posted is made in Vietnam and I have a white one that's made in Korea. Both are solid as fuck and as lively as any set neck guitar I've ever played regardless of manufacturer.

    I'd imagine you could find JM pickups wound for more output and less heat. There's a spectrum between the two for every reasonably common style of pickup. GFS makes nice sounding pickups in my experience and the price is generally low. If they don't offer what you want right on the web page I'd suggest an email. There are also lots of smaller custom pickup winding dudes out there that can probably git 'er done but it may cost a bit more.

    If you need it to be another guitar then a Viper 256P can be easily had for $350 or less. I don't think they're currently in production but they are very recent and very readily found. Retail new was only $359.

    Lastly I am posting a picture of my white guitar because it's rad.
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  3. That Mascis is actually made in China! Other than needing a new nut, it was bad ass stock. I did put some antiquities in it last month, but now I'm wishing I would've gotten the Lollar Jazzmaster P90s. Oh well. So far, the Viper is definitely at the top of my list. I also stumbled across a Hamer double cutaway at a rad price that I'm going to try out this weekend, and I think I'll hit up Guitar Maniacs in Tacoma and see if they have anything of interest.

  4. Man Guitar Maniacs is rad! That Hamer could be good too. Does it have P90s?

  5. Also I got no beef with China. I know I told the story here before but one time I gota boner for a Les Paul so I played every Les Paul in a shop in this city. The best one was a Chinese Epiphone that was about $400. There was a $2700 Gibson one with fret edges so sharp you'd need stitches before finishing a song! Made in the USA!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by PaCrappa View Post
    Man Guitar Maniacs is rad! That Hamer could be good too. Does it have P90s?
    I love Guitar Maniacs, thats actually where my brother got his SG, and yes that Hamer has P90s!

  7. Volca Sample. It's a rad little box. It's hard (for me) to sequence drums on the SP404, so I can get them together on this and sample them into it for live use.

    They're like $100 used, can run off batteries, and fit in a backpack.
    There's a good chance I'm drunk right now.

    8=/==D ~ ~ ~

  8. Microkorg XL for $175. Needs a key replaced that'll cost about 3 bucks and make the thing worth $300.

    Probably play with it for a month or 2 and flip it.
    There's a good chance I'm drunk right now.

    8=/==D ~ ~ ~

  9. I just got a looper pedal for significantly less than it would usually cost because one of the stereo outputs isn't working. Works fine in mono though!

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