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Thread: Music Gear Discussion

  1. Itís a 100 watt Fender. I recorded with a 50 watt edition for a song on that Deckards shit.

  2. I have an SVT 4 Pro and a Janice 6x12 now.

    So that’s the Ampeg pushing the 2x15/2x10 and the 8x8, the Orange pushing the 6x12, and the Red Bear pushing the 2x15.

    It’s a lot.
    Boo, Hiss.

  3. I scored this beauty today, its a 1978 Les Paul Special. I had an ugly yellow 83 strat that's been sitting in my closet for like 15 years. I hated my strat, he hated his LP, so we traded even stevens. I've been wanting some P90s for a while now, and I've never owned a LP before, so I'm really stoked for this trade.

  4. That one is a looker right there.

  5. It has a broken headstock which I've heard is common for old Gibsons, but its been professionally repaired. I've knocked over so many Fenders in the past and never broken anything. It's fine with me, I won't feel bad about putting a Bigsby and a mini humbucker in it.

    Yes I like Neil Young. Just a bit.

  6. Nice!

  7. Gibson necks are made "wrong" and that crack at the headstock is just part of it. Everyone knows, and Gibson won't change it lol? So it goes.

  8. thanks for the thread

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