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Thread: FS: Happ-Modded X-Arcade Solo Arcade Stick

  1. FS: Happ-Modded X-Arcade Solo Arcade Stick

    I am selling a Happ-modded X-Arcade solo arcade stick. The stock joystick and buttons have been replaced with a Happ Competition joystick and Happ competition buttons (also, all microswitches inside have been replaced with Cherry microswitches, and the start button has been replaced with a Happ 1-Player button).

    Included with the stick are the adapters for PC (both USB and PS/2), Dreamcast, and Xbox. The joystick will be shipped in its original box. The value of the Happ parts and adapters is a little more than $70.


    I accept Paypal, but we can work something out if you can only pay with check or money order. Please PM if you have questions or are interested in buying the stick.

    Pictures of stick:

    EDIT: Lowered price of stick from $115 to $100.
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  2. Very tempting. Someone buy it from the guy before I make another impulse purchase on something I don't need!

  3. Bump. I have lowered the price of this stick (which is perfect for MAME) to $100. Yes, that includes shipping.
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  4. What's the feel of the stick? Stiff / loose spring?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by MarkRyan View Post
    What's the feel of the stick? Stiff / loose spring?
    If I recall, the stick has a stiff spring, but it's not as stiff as the Street Fighter Anniversary Stick. I was going to test it later tonight to be 100% sure, but I got an offer from someone else on another forum. I'll let you know if the deal falls through, but for now, the stick is ON HOLD.

    The stick has been SOLD!
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