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Thread: Free program called Bryce

  1. Free program called Bryce

    Bryce is a program mostly used for 3D backgrounds(I have never see anyone model a character with it.) However it's free and could be an interesting pogram to atleast learn.

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  3. What's wrong with Bryce? i'm using it now and it seems fine.

  4. everything that comes out of bryce you can tell came out of bryce

    it pretty much does only one thing

    It's fine for playing around and just testing the 3d waters but it's not really a, how to put this, it's not really taken seriously by many

    because it is a very limited program in what it can do in the interface and for a bunch of other reasons
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    Bryce is sheer training wheels. Fine for learning, but don't take that weak shit to the park.


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