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Thread: The "Abuse the YouTube Tags" Thread!

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    Lol, fuck you!

  2. Christoper Lee was a badass!

    He was kicking ass with his vocals in this metal song.

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  3. The snow leopard is badass! Looking at this video, I'm thinking that they are both dead. The snow leopard carries on like the fall was nothing.

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  4. I wonder who got it's PC?
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  5. eBay!
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  6. A gentle reminder that the dystopian future already happened.

    It was the 80s.

  7. Cheese factor +10!
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  9. This is a really cool tour of the (recreation) of the original set for Star Trek. Some of the props are so 60's cheesy, but some of the displays on the bridge are pretty interesting.

    We had attended the Star Trek Experience while in Vegas @1998. We got to see a lot of the old Star Trek stuff in the museum, before going on to the show. It was pretty cool to be on the bridge of the Star Trek: Next Generation Enterprise (Enterprise D?). This show seems to be quite different from the one we had experienced. I recall being on the shuttle, and their was a video feed from Commander Riker telling us about the situation. We had landed at another location and had entered a transporter room. The glowing floor we were standing on became concrete, after we were transported and a janitor opened the door, asking us how we had gotten there.

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    The Vegas Star Trek thing was so good, and what you describe is what I remember. I went in the 90's, and again the year before it closed.


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