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Thread: What Are You Eating Now?

  1. fresh blue,black and raspberries.
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  2. I've been in the mood for some jerky so I ordered some People's Choice Old fashioned as that's what was mostly recommended as being "real" jerky- not that Jack Links trash.
    It's definitely, uh, something. Guess I'm more used to something a bit more moist. I feel like a dog working my way through some rawhide.
    Aside from DIY, yall got any recommendations? I've had Jack Links (which I wouldn't call trash, but it's too salty/ fake flavored for me), Pemmican, and now this.

  3. The problem there is probably the fact that real jerky wasn't meant to be just eaten on it's own. It was meant as a preservation technique (which I'm sure you already know) and you'd cut it up and add it to a stew or chili, something like that. Where it would cook for awhile and soak moisture back up. That probably doesn't help you with your quest for jerky satisfaction though. Sorry.
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  4. That $10 gas station jerky is always hella good imo.
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  5. I hate sweet, moist jerky. I don't eat jerky often.
    Once a year when I am traveling through Texas, I will stop at a place that makes their own jerkies. It is mostly the rawhide kind and it's a nice treat for a long car ride.
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  6. Mucked about today and ate a little junk food when i shouldn't have been. Buttforce.

    It was a grilled cheese and some things called "pea crisps" I bought on sale. Carb overload.
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  7. You consider grilled cheese junk food?

    I like cheap jerky – often bring it when I portage and camp in the summer. It’s chewable, easy to stow, and doesn’t require a fridge. I get tired of it after 2 or 3 pieces though.

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