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Thread: eBay goodies ahoy!

  1. eBay goodies ahoy!

    There's a few goodies up, some end in less than 12 hours, the others have a whole day on em, so check it out

  2. Hmmmm... I may bid on something there. If I win would it be ok to wait and pay you Wednesday?
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  3. Doesn't matter to me, I'm just clearing out some of my old stuff.

    I'll be listing some more stuff in a day or two as well, like the Street Fighter GI Joes and maybe some more random goodies.

    I'm working on getting PayPal up and running, so disregard the Money Order only stuff in the descriptions.

  4. New Items listed.
    NGPC to DC Link cable, Game Gear with TV Tuner, E3 Nintendo 'Plush' set, and more!

  5. Bump for the final 24 hours


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