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Thread: 'Scarface' Writer Expresses Reservations about Film-based Games

  1. News 'Scarface' Writer Expresses Reservations about Film-based Games

    Vivendi Games' new "Scarface: The World Is Yours" gives some observers mixed feelings about Hollywood's dipping into the archives for games. David McKenna, who wrote the script for the upcoming Scarface game, says Hollywood runs the risk of "bastardizing the whole business."

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  2. What a crock of shit. What he's done with Scarface is turn a cautionary story about the cost of violence and the ultimate emptiness of excess into a story which simply celebrates the very vices the original warns against.

    Then again, all the idiots out there with tacky velvet scarface paintings on their wall and scarface t-shirts revel in the violence and excess of the original, so it's probably a good marketing move. But it's artistically indefensible.


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