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Thread: Universal shuns Blu-Ray

  1. Universal shuns Blu-Ray

    and yes i know the first BD transfers were using MPEG2 at the time. still interesting.

    Blu-ray has now been dismissed by Universal Studios. Craig Kornblau. president of Universal Studios home entertainment, explains why HD DVD will win the next-gen format war.

    Another day and another news article on the PS3 and sadly for Sony its not good news. Today Craig Kornblau (president of Universal Studios home entertainment) stated that the HD DVD will be the 'hands-down' winner in the next-gen DVD wars.

    He went on to say the following - "Look at the blogs, look at the reviews by the early adopters and even look at the mainstream media HD DVD has maintained its first-to-market advantage and delivered on the promises of providing the best high definition image and sound quality at the best value for consumers today,"

    HD DVD and Blu-Ray recently went head to head and screened three different DVD's (Training Day, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Rumour has it...) and in terms of image quality HD DVD came out ahead of Sony's Blu-Ray. Also the Blu-ray cropping issues, increased noise or artifacting and darker overall color casting.

    Kornblau puts up a good fight talking about the HD DVD's pricing and availability, as for which one is the best in terms of quality well that still remains to be seen.

  2. "But what's curiously missing is a little context. This is the same guy that publicly endorsed HD-DVD in a Microsoft press release five months ago, using many of the same words. Careless journalists and bloggers are quoting him like this is some kind of new development in the format war. Sure, it's interesting that he's continuing his support, but it's not particularly noteworthy."


  3. Was Universal a Blu-Ray supporter before this? because if not who cares (meaning this isnt anything new then)

    Though I think a very valid point was brought up, even when Blu-Ray switches to VC-1 for titles not produced by sony, that pretty much means you're still paying twice as much for a player that has the same video and audio quality as HD-DVD
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  6. Universal was not a supporter before, so it's not really news.
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