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Thread: George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" series

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    This isn't the first time I've seen this series recommended, so I went ahead and picked up the first book. I'm only about a quarter of the way through, but I'm not seeing the comparison to Song in terms of brutality yet. It's been gory from time to time, but I'm finding it quite restrained in terms of violence and sexuality. If anything, the massive scope and metaphysical concepts remind me more of Dune than anything else. Not thematically, obviously, but in the way you're dropped into an utterly alien setting that's rich with its own lore, rules and shitloads of factions and left to make sense of it all yourself.

    Obviously I've only scratched the surface, so it's likely my opinion will change. I'm at least enjoying it, which is more than I can say for most fantasy series!
    I wouldn't really try to compare them... SoI&F is about specific characters and families with pretty tight character stories and betrayals. Malazan is more about armies and civilizations, people and gods showing the best and worst a world has to offer. There are really brutal parts in Malazan as well.. The sexuality definitely isn't there, but I don't think anyone said it was. It's totally different. Characters in this series you want to follow are just left behind a lot of the time... there is a bigger story to be told.
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  2. I have to try the Malazan book I borrowed again. I couldn't get into it but we'll see.

    I finished Dance With Dragons.

    I'd been wondering what Littlefinger was holding over Varys that makes him so complacent/makes them work together sometimes. The TV show gave me some glimpse of hope with that warlock scene - I believe in season 2 - but I think I've got it now: Varys is a Blackfyre?
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  3. Not sure why I bother to bring this up, but GRRM is still not done with Winds of Winter and his last blog basically confirms that he rather be working on other books. I have said for years that he has no intention of ever finishing this book, let alone the series. It is especially true that the ending is already spoiled by HBO. Sure, the journey there will be very different, but ultimately it will end up being the same. The ending is deemed as bad by most and given the setup in the first 5 books, it would be pretty tough to change course. And, he still has to resolve all the tertiary characters story lines.

    My guess is that he will keep saying he is making progress and WoW is getting closer for the next several years before he just stop talking about it.

  4. The show destroyed what little interest I had left in those books. I have moved on. I never read those Malazan books, either. Not particularly good writing.

    If you're looking for stuff w/political intrigue I highly recommend this book called "From Unseen Fire" by Cass Morris. It's magical Rome, with elemental powers and stuff, but still with all the senatorial stuff and maneuvering. Plus there's a war brewing w/a Spanish-ish army utilizing blood magic. The second book in the series is coming soon.

    As well, the Daevabad series ("City of Brass," "Kingdom of Copper," "Empire of Gold") by S.A. Chakraborty is amazing. Political machinations in a djinn city, but featuring all kinds of other mythical creatures from Islamic legends.

    If you like space, The Expanse series by James S.A. Corey is fucking rad, too.
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  5. I never read those Malazan books, either. Not particularly good writing.
    lol, you sure about that?
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  6. Never read but not good writing, wtf.

    The first book is not the easiest to get into, but once you get thru it, it just flies from Deadhouse Gates and on.
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  7. Sorry, I also don't write good. Lol. I tried to read. Never read past the first chapter of whichever one it was I picked up.
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  8. Unfortunate. I get it though, it is not for everyone. The Karkanas Trilogy is written to emulate Shakespearian tragedy. It's not an easy read.
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  9. The first book just drop you into the middle of the story, so it does take a bit of effort to get through. No issue if you don't like it if you tried. I am beating the dead horse a bit but the epic series take off from book 2.


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