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  1. Windy Tales

    I'm going to pretend that i'm not male for a moment, and i'll ask that anyone reading do the same. Remember, for the next paragraph, i'm a girl. A giiiiirl...

    Windy Tales made me cry, several times. And not because it's sad, as it's very rarely just sad, but because it's so beautiful. It's beautiful from the astonishingly animated first episode to the much lower budgeted end of the short, sweet series. Even after the series takes a sharp turn from being story driven to character driven, it's beautiful. Even when the animation quality drops, the style and artistic direction hold it up, and it's beautiful. Even after watching the opening and closing song full way through for every one of the 13 episodes, i still can't get enough because every last moment of the show is filled with beauty, art, purity, character, love, and the wistfulness of a time that will never come again.

    A single character eventually stands out as the main character, but all of the characters, whether having a roll on one episode or several, are crafted with love. They vibrate with such humanity that you can't help but regret that your time with them is so short. From the "plus one" male member of the Kaze Neko Sisters, to Ryoko, the ever so slightly outcast member, to a teacher who would rather tell ghost stories than teach, or Nao's father who just wants a brief taste of his own youth, each one stands on his or her own and could singly support several episodes. But they don't. It all ends at episode 13. I cried again at the very end of all of it. I could easily watch it again, but even if i did, it'd feel like i was visiting memories.

    There. You can stop pretending i'm a girl. I like it a lot.
    As of now, it's not available for purchase or rental in the US, but a Google search will provide you with means to obtain it. I sincerely hope that someone decides to pick it up. I'm tempted to get the original Japanese release, but i'm waiting and hoping for a US release.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Finch View Post
    You can stop pretending i'm a girl.
    If I stopped that, things would get disturbing really quickly.

    HOWEVER. This show looks really good.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Finch View Post
    I like it a lot.
    Me too

    Great art, great pacing, great music etc. etc. It has a very unique breezy (not a pun) feel.

    The Japanese DVD boxes look really nice, but unforunately I don't have a grillion dollars with which to buy them.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Scourge View Post
    HOWEVER. This show looks really good.
    It is really good. I think the first half is better than the second, but that's possibly because i watched most episodes of the first twice, and i haven't done so yet with those of the second half.
    I love how the show knows when to not explain everything. It allows the viewer to come up with his or her own conclusions more often than not.

  5. This looks neat...

  6. You should watch it

  7. Any word of a US release on this? I'm not into fansubs.


  9. I heard this show sucks.

    JK LOL COMMA PARENTHESIS!! I heard this was awesome and I wish it would get a US release.

  10. im in the mood for some japanese cartoons and this looks like a worthy download.


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