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Thread: Wanted: OXM #59, 60, & 61

  1. Xbox 360 II Wanted: OXM #59, 60, & 61

    I have every single issue of Official Xbox Magazine with each demo, except for these three buggers that escaped me (lack of cash). I'd like a complete collection.

    Willing to buy/trade. Post here or PM me.

  2. Bump.

  3. Let me check... The furthest I've got is 34, so I guess I'm outta luck.

    Did they just quit publishing it some time ago?
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  4. Crap. I threw away ALL my demo discs two weeks ago...

  5. It's still going strong (just bought #65). I only need these three to have every single issue with demo disc.

    Brisco: NOOOO!!!

  6. Do you care if they are retail bought or subscription? I have 59 and 90 from a sub and 61 from a store. Difference being the sub demos came in white sleeves instead of the nicer thinpaks.

  7. That's not a problem. I have some spare thin packs and can download the sleeves from the OXM site.

    How much for them shipped?

  8. I'll have to go through them to find the magazines. I'll PM you when I find them but I'm 99% sure they are in great shape.

  9. Thanks!


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