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Thread: Looking for a Prog. Scan DVD player...

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    Looking for a Prog. Scan DVD player...

    I just bought myself a SONY 32" Hi-Scan 1080 Wega and I needs a nice DVD player. Obviously, I'd like it to be progressive scan and I'd like it to be of nice quality. I've heard great things about Toshiba DVD players and I've had luck with all of their stuff in the past. I really want to keep it under 250 bucks but I can see myself going up to 300 or so for the right reasons. I post this thread in Max Anime because my DVD tastes tend to be in the anime realm. I also have a DENON 682XP home theatre system (shouldn't matter but who knows). I would just pick up a DVD player at my place of business (SEARS) but I may want to take a step up from the quality of the stuff that they offer. Or do I? Any input would be much appreciated.

  2. Try Best Buy. They got a Toshiba player for $179.99.

  3. Well, if you're looking for a progressive player, I can't help much because I don't keep up on that stuff very much.

    However, I can tell you that a progressive DVD player probably won't help you much if your main taste is anime, because more than 99% of all anime DVDs are interlaced. I can only think of a small handful that *might* be progressive (I'd have to check).

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    Sony makes a really nice progressive scan player for right at the 300 mark. They have it a Circuit City and I'm sure Best Buy...
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  5. The latest Best Buy catalog has a prog. scan player for as low as $159.99.

    I'm tellin ya, just go there.

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    Hey guys thanks for the advice. I actually got a few tips from some other boards and I thought I'd share if there are any trollers on this thread who are in the same situation.

    In the under 200 range there is really only one option, the Panasonic RP62. It lists at 180.00 in most places.

    It is the only player out there with a DCDi chip and is under 200 bucks. The chip smoothes out artifacts on interlaced DVDs.


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