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Thread: FS: GBA titles complete w/NCSX clamshells

  1. FS: GBA titles complete w/NCSX clamshells

    I'm selling a bunch of Game Boy Advance games.

    Unless otherwise noted, all games on this list are complete (box & instructions) and come with a NCSX GBA clamshell (either yellow, orange or clear).

    Games will be shipped via USPS with delivery confirmation, which will add $5 to the final price.

    Combo deal: for every three games you buy, I'll deduct $3 from the final price.

    To make an offer, PM me. I normally accept Paypal, but we can work something out if you want to pay with check or money order.

    Bomberman Tournament - SOLD
    Super Mario Advance - SOLD
    Sonic Advance - SOLD
    Rayman Advance - $5
    Mega Man: Battle Network - $5
    Mega Man: Battle Network 2 - $5
    Castlevania: Circle of the Moon - $5

    Advance Wars - $7
    Mario Kart: Super Circuit - SOLD
    Golden Sun - SOLD
    Metroid Fusion - SOLD

    Mario vs Donkey Kong - $12
    Gunstar Super Heroes - $12
    Astro Boy: Omega Factor - SOLD
    Castlevania Double Pack - SOLD (Harmony of Dissonance & Aria of Sorrow)

    No box or instructions (just GBA clamshell)

    Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga - SOLD

    Remember, for every three games you buy from me, I'll knock off $3.
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  2. i am interested in Astro Boy and the Castlevania double pack. please give me payment info

  3. PM sent

  4. Im interested in Mario and Luigi Superstar saga if no one has clamed it yet
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    If the Mario vs Donkeykong falls through send me a PM, I might pick it up (if I haven't spent all my cash on other stuff, heh)
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  6. plik, Shin Johnpv - Your items have shipped and I PM'ed your delivery confirmation number.

    Gooch - Still waiting for your payment.
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  7. Cow, sorry about the delay. I will have to pass on the games for now. I apologize for the inconveniece. If you are unable to sell them off (looks like MvDK won't be a problem), then I may revisit.

  8. Mario vs Donkey Kong is no longer on HOLD.
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  9. Bump.
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  10. Bump again. C'mon, no one wants some cheap GBA games?
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