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Thread: The "What Is My Stuff Worth?" Thread

  1. mmm, you gotta point.

    anyone want MvC2 for $40?

  2. Factory sealed Contra for NES, box in very good condition (minor wrinkle in top corner). What's that worth nowadays?

  3. A perma banning.

  4. An illegal Cuban immigrant, at the very least.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters View Post
    An illegal Cuban immigrant, at the very least.
    Will the Cuban immigrant follow my commands? Or is it one of these "ya gotta at least feed it to keep him alive" deals....? Storing bodies sucks, even when they're emaciated from malnourishment.

  6. I thought you were more inclined towards Colombians.

  7. Cuban, Colombians, same fucking things

  8. #148
    They all look the same anyway

  9. What's the difference? They're all child molesters.

  10. and Gardeners.


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