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Thread: The "What Is My Stuff Worth?" Thread

  1. That's all I needed. The guy said he could get a system with 3 games for $600 from somebody else so I figured at least it would be around there or more.

  2. That depends on the 3 games, if they're just common ones then it should be a lot less than that.
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    I've always, always wanted a Neo Geo. Someday...

  4. Emulate it. The real thing is just bulky and home carts are ripoffs. Consolized MVS might be the way to go.

  5. I sold mine with 17 crappy for $550. I was glad to see it go even if I sold it at cost.

  6. ...17 crappy games. Let's hope TNL 4.1108965 allows mobile users to edit their posts.

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    I would have paid $600.

  8. $550 in hand is worth more than $600 in pineapple's mom's bush.

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    That doesn't even make sense. You stopped trying

  10. I have a brand new/sealed Steel Battalion (first run) with controllers for Xbox. I see $699-1199 on Amazon, but that seems crazy. Any ideas what this is worth?


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