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Thread: The "What Is My Stuff Worth?" Thread

  1. To referring sort of stuff actual inventory. On the Other hand, depending on the sentimental value of the contents, it could actually be priceless. Stuff is antique you can visit an antique store and they may be a appraisal.

  2. My friend is getting rid of his whole collection and I'm helping him with it.

    His rarest shit is:

    Guardian Heroes Saturn complete
    Saturn Bomberman complete
    Futurama Xbox
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  3. Ask mom if she can check eBay for you.

  4. Here's a cool site I found out about looking over SNES RPG prices:

    Very handy since it checks for the lowest price on ebay/amazon/

    It also charts games' values as they've risen and fallen over time.
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  5. Hello TNL. Long time no see. You're looking healthy.

    I'm preparing to sell my entire collection off starting next month. I've spent the last week or so pricing everything, but there's a few things that have stumped me. I'd greatly appreciate some advice on these:

    Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles, brand new sealed, Euro version (Dreamcast)--There's supposedly two versions of this game, but I can't tell which one I have and I've no clue what it's going for.

    XRGB-2--I have the box and the cables from when I bought it years ago, just don't know if it's still worth anything.

    Fighting Vipers 2 Euro version (Dreamcast)--Everyone says it's in high demand.

    "Zelda Box" sealed--Just a soundtrack, figures and strategy guide. The eBay Buy it Now prices seem way too high to take seriously.

    Green/Blue Derby Stallion Saturn System--No manual, inserts or stickers. Just the system, controller and cables in the box.

    Yu Sazuki GameWorks Vol. 1 (Dreamcast)--I haven't seen it for sale anywhere in a while.

    I'll probably start selling things off in early April, and I'll share the list on message boards I used to visit (including TNL), before resorting to eBay.


  6. Hi, I'm planning to put this lot on eBay soon but I'm not sure how to price them so I need some opinions.

    Amiga (All UK versions)
    Apidya (It's the version that came in a large green box)
    Myth History In The Making ("Limited Edition". it has a comic and poster)
    The Chaos Engine
    Alien Breed
    Alien Breed II
    The Bitmap Brothers Volume I (Includes Xenon, Cadaver and Speedball 2)
    Celtic Legends
    Shadow Lands
    The Lost Vikings
    Space Hulk
    Canon Fodder
    Abandoned Places 2
    688 Attack Sub

    Mega Drive (All UK versions)
    Shining Force
    Splatterhouse 2
    The Simpsons Bart's Nightmare

    Gun Bird 2 (UK)
    Bangai-O (UK)
    Sword of the Berserk (UK)
    Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future (UK)
    Ooga Booga (US)
    Illbleed (US)
    Iron Aces (US)
    Space Channel 5 (US) (With holographic cover)
    Typing of The Dead (US)
    Sega Marine Fishing (US)
    Demolition Racer (US)
    Sega Smashpack Vol. 1 (US)
    Sonic Shuffle (US)
    Sega Tennis 2K2 (US)
    Seaman (US)
    Soul Calibur (JP)
    Sonic 10th Anniversary Birthday Pack x 2 (JP)
    Toyko Xtreme Racer (JP)
    Buggy Heat (JP)
    Pro Yakyu Team De Asobou! (JP)
    Guruguru Onsen 2 (JP)
    The Lost Golem (JP)
    Godzilla Generations (JP)
    Dreameye (JP)

    Thank you.

  7. $1 no reserve.

  8. I don't know, but I'm sure you'll get a serious reply in a bit.

  9. Nobody here (I mean, in the US) cares about old Amiga stuff. Dreamcast, none of those games are worth anything. The most would probably be Gunbird 2, which would be $20 or $25 is my guess.

  10. I could make a mint on that Amiga stuff at a classic computer and gaming show that takes place up in Cleveland once a year. Last time I went with a bunch of Amiga crap I made out way better than I should have. Never had much luck selling it anywhere else though.

    Also, stop being lazy and look up completed eBay listings for the Dreamcast stuff. I'm not going to do the work for you.
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