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Thread: Rate the Sig/Avatar Thread v. 2: No Fat Chicks

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    cotcwvab FTW
    I took all your French Toast.

  2. Compass- ./10
    BerringerX- idon'tunderstand/10
    Aurora- Is that a pinwheel or a propeller or something behind the Vaseline?/10

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Aurora View Post
    Since when did Compass become such an annoying twat with a board jammed up his ass ?
    Don't kid yourself, he's always been this way.
    Time for a change

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Finch View Post
    BerringerX- idon'tunderstand/10
    It's Reggie Banister from the Phantasm movies. Kinda obscure, I suppose.
    I'd love to meet NES Jason in person, lol. Please help me get to the thing for my birthday!

  5. Without the quadruple barrel shotgun, those images are worthless.
    Time for a change

  6. Or the 'Cuda.

    But the quotes are good. 7/10
    “The very existence of flame-throwers proves that some time, somewhere, someone said to themselves, you know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I'm just not close enough to get the job done.” -George Carlin

  7. OMG that car is the devils!

    A devil car with blue ground effect lighting too apparently.

    Also, Phantasm is awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Advocate View Post
    Brand-X: 8/10. This combo was much better than the Halo Wars one.

    g0zen: 9/10 Pyramid Head + Silent Hill = awesome. Plus the pics he found were quite awesome in fact.
    I support these ratings.

  9. Yoshi: 8/10, one of the most original AV's you've made. It would be a 9 if not for that discoloration.
    Quote Originally Posted by BerringerX
    I am pretty sure one of the reasons Jesus died is so we could enjoy delicious chicken and waffle fries seven days a week.
    Eat a bag of dicks.

  10. Screw the discoloration. Yoshi's av is the most original and I remember when I first started to post here he was quite the bully.

    MechDeus - Nick is the Bruce Wayne to Yoshi's Jean-Paul Valley.
    Quote Originally Posted by MechDeus View Post
    You just don't comprehend how well he's (FE26/Buttcheeks) comprehending. He's understanding you saying things you never said, that's how good he is.

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