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Thread: PSP downloadable demo thread

  1. PSP downloadable demo thread

    So, a number of new downloadable demos have been released recently, and I figured instead of having them spread all over the place, confusingly explained and often missed by most, here will be a central thread where I'll try to keep all of the downloadable demos updated, and easily accessible.

    For all demos, to get them onto your PSP, simply download the EBOOT.PBP file of the demo you want to play, then create a folder in your PSP's GAME directory, with the name provided under the download link. Then place the EBOOT.PBP file in that folder, and that's it; you're done. Disconnect your PSP and go to the Game section, then Memory Stick, and your demo should show up there.


    Medal of Honor: Heroes - 3.03 required - EN
    Directory: ULED90008

    Toca Race Driver 3 Challenge - 3.03 required - EN
    Directory: ULED90009


    Ape Academy 2 - 2.81 required - EN
    Directory: UCES00302

    Ape Escape Racing - 2.80 required - JP
    Directory: UCUS98655

    Blocks Club - 2.80 required - JP
    Directory: ULJS00068

    Bounty Hounds - 2.80 required - JP
    Directory: ULJS00021

    Exit 2 - 2.80 required - JP
    Directory: ULJM05161

    Kazuo (Sudoku) - 2.71 required - JP
    Directory: UCJS10036

    Killzone Liberation - 3.03 required - EN
    Directory: UCES0027-Demo

    Loco Roco (original demo) - 2.71 required - EN
    Directory: UCUS98662

    Loco Roco (Halloween demo, featuring a new holiday-themed level) - 2.80 required - EN
    Directory: UCES00304-Halloween

    Loco Roco (third demo, featuring another new level) - 2.80 required - JP
    Directory: UCJS10041-2

    Loco Roco (Christmas demo, featuring a new holiday-themed level) - 3.02 required - EN
    Directory: UCUS98662

    Mercury Meltdown - 2.80 required - JP (click download)
    Directory: UCJS10043

    Moto GP - 2.80 required - EN
    Directory: UCES00373

    Ridge Racers 2 - 2.80 required - EN
    Directory: UCES00422

    World Tour Soccer 06 - 2.80 required - EN (EBOOT in the zip)
    Directory: UCUS98631

    lols psp
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  2. Hmm, didn't think of that.. I'll update the first post with the firmware required for each, for what I can find.
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  3. Added firmware required for each.
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  4. Damn, didn't realize there were this many DL demos out. Thanks for the post Andy.

  5. #8
    2.80?! Fuck that. Until devhook supports 2.80, I'm not going to touch those. Emulators > Demos.

  6. I've found that Loco Roco is REALLY annoying.
    The gameplay, that is. I love the presentation and the music! Honest!

  7. With something like Devhook around, why even bother requiring a certain version to play UMD's anymore? It's been a long, fruitless struggle against homebrewers for Sony.


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