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Thread: This month's haul: November

  1. This month's haul: November

    Surprised noone else started this yet. Anyways, discuss.

  2. Three soft tacos. Supreme. No tomatos.

  3. Underwater Unit - Sub Rebellion

    Castle Shikigami II


  4. I would like to play it but I have to fully charge my PSP before I can apply the fucking update and for some reason all my spare batts are drained even though they were all charged and have been sitting unused for a few weeks

    $25 down on Halo 3 legendary what ever the fuck that is.

    GS didn't get in F.E.A.R. for the X360

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  5. FFXII
    Gunslinger Girl Complete Thinpack

  6. lawl pedo

  7. Opaque, you're such a ped.

  8. 2 discs, first is the original uncut Japanese Gojira (18 minutes longer and much more dramatic, scary and epic in tone than the massively re-edited U.S. release)

    2nd disc is the butchered yet still classic U.S. version starring Raymond "Perry Mason" Burr.

    Disc 1 has lots of great special features such as the trials they went through making the original suit, discarded story ideas and descriptions of long lost deleted scenes (negatives for deleted footage were destroyed by Toho long ago). Only 19.99. Comes in a thick book cover style folding case with a nice production booklet.

    A must own for any fan of Ducktales/the old Carl Barks comics. Don Rosa is an amazing artist and has done a great job of picking up his reigns. 250 pages, collects all the "Life of Scrooge" installments from the early-mid 90s into one thick book. Got it for about $17.

    I'd rather have payed $29 than $39.99 but it's a great little platformer so far.
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by Dylan1CC View Post

    I'd rather have payed $29 than $39.99 but it's a great little platformer so far.
    It is currently 29.99 at Target.

  10. D'oh! Oh well, I actually only paid about $5 for it since I had a $35 best buy gift card.

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