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Thread: Morrowind Custom Character Builds

  1. Morrowind Custom Character Builds

    So, I was play-testing my 5th character today, an Orc Knight, and I decided after only 2 hours into this particular character that I thought I was ready for a custom job. I restarted, again, and built my character. My two favorite varieties of class are Theif and Knight, so I spliced accordingly. My new Orc can pick locks, wear heavy armour, sneak, and wheild a long blade...and a hammer for good measure. Besides, I've always had a thing for bludgeoning. Ask my DM.

    So far so good. I can pick locks to gain levels, and boy-oh-boy! Are there a lot of locks to pick! And when I've cracked all the safes in town (I usually just open them up. That way I'll only have to pay a minimum fine, as opposed to actually stealing the contents of said chest), I can run arround like a looney for a bit, chopping things heads off, or crushing them into juice.

    The Orc is my favorite race so far, but I have yet to try them all. Anyone else have a custom build you'd like to share?
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  2. All of my four characters have been custom classes.

    K'Sha - An orc mage who tended to use his axe more than his spells. Security as a minor for when the occasion called for it, but he was overall a noble character.

    Kei - A wood elf who started out mostly as a thief, but became more focused on her magic later on. Major spell areas were Illusion and Alteration. Level 40 now, so her starting class doesn't really matter anymore.

    Sauron - A dunmer mage than thief, though has a tendency to steal everything in sight. His magic is mainly focused on alchemy, enchanment, and conjuration, though he has a little destruction to balance himself out. Longsword and medium armor for extra protection.

    Arisa - A Nord with religious leanings, she's half heavy fighter and half monk, with a little alchemy thrown in for fun. It's odd to have both heavy armor and unarmored as major skills though, and hand to hand is going to waste, but she's getting a lot of use out of blunt weapons. No lockpicking skills hurt her overall though.
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  3. Nice, It seems to offere alot of customization options. How many races are there to choose from??

    P.S I need to get this game, now

  4. *ahem*

    There is an "official" Morrowind topic on the front page...

  5. I know...but I thought I was in the clear as this focused on one particular aspect. If I did something that I shouldn't have, then by all means close the thread. My ideas are commutable. Sorry.
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    Laugh at his moustache...
    But do not mess with his vacation.

  6. No big deal, it'll just make it easier to find info about the game.


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