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Thread: Amped for $20 at CompUSA this week.

  1. Amped for $20 at CompUSA this week.

    That's all I have to say really, other than it's a great game that everyone should at least give a fair try if they're into the extreme sports thing, or people who are just into fun.

    This game is really frustrating at first, but once you learn how to land much of the difficulty goes away. Tracer's praise of it convinced me to give the demo another short and I'm glad I did. Making your own player is quite cool, though the character who looked most like me turned out to be a woman. ^_^;;

    It was able to haul me away from Morrowind, so it has to be good.
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    Andy787 Guest
    Yeah, I recommend it as well, especially for $20 It's definitely a quality game, quite underrated imo.

  3. That's a steal and to tell the truth - I'm not into extreme sports much. You see, this game, while an extrem sports sim, is all about fame and building yourself up in various ways much like in a RPG. This game is the only one of its kind that actually GETS what a next generation game of its ilk is supposed to be. Not just bigger and better looking - it rewards you for showing off but not just in general... you have to look for the places best to show off (Media Points are signifigantly better then regular old points). I could go on and on about it, but I have already done that so much. Perhaps the single most overlooked and misunderstood launch game for just about any system. A worthy addition to any gamers library.



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