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Thread: Xbox Premium Leftovers

  1. Xbox Premium Leftovers

    Traded in my (broken) core for a premium and have the following stuff that I don't need:

    XB 360 HD 20GB
    XB 360 Wireless Controller
    XB 360 Headset
    XB 360 HD Component Cable (Not VGA)

    All new in baggies. Offer me 1/2 of what it goes for retail and it's yours.

  2. I'd definitely buy a few of these items from you if I luck out and score a Core 360 next Thursday courtesy of Amazon. Would you be willing to hold on to them until then?

  3. Someone beat you to the wireless controller, otherwise I don't have a problem with that. If that deal goes by the wayside, I'll let you know.

  4. Just got my controller today, thanks a lot!

  5. How much for the HD?

  6. Half would be $50.

  7. I'd take less than that. $40 shipped since weeman hasn't posted.

  8. A friend of mine nabbed the Amazon core deal for a hund, he needs a HD...

    I just sent him a message, I should hear from him in the morning, I can't see him passing on this.
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  9. Check your PM's hoah.

  10. Yeah, sending tomorrow.


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