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Thread: Official Wii Virtual Console Thread

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    Official Wii Virtual Console Thread

    Alright, as requested in the Wii thread, here is a seperate Virtual Console thread. Right now, the pickings are pretty slim, but as of 11/26/06 we have:


    Donkey Kong
    Mario Bros.
    Solomon's Key
    Legend of Zelda
    Wario's Woods


    Altered Beast
    Sonic the Hedgehog




    Bomberman '93
    Bonk's Adventure


    Super Mario 64

    So far I have gotten Donkey Kong and Mario 64. Donkey Kong identical to the NES game, and I'm pleasantly surprised by the emulation. Visually, it looks identical an NES. Slightly better coloring than I remember, likely due to superior video output. It definately beats the fuzzy filters on my Xbox's emulator. I probably wouldn't have bought it though if there were some better NES games available.

    On Mario 64, the playing is perfect, and I like using the Wavebird for it much more than the original N64 pad. However it doesn't seem to look quite as good, but I'm sure that it is because I have an S-video cable for the N64, and am hooking my Wii up through composite.

    What else has everyone else been playing, and what are your impressions of it? No hating please, let's try to keep this an informative thread.
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  2. I read that Mario 64 looks fantastic if your using component since all the VC games support 480p. I guess every game is stretched to fit the widescreen though.
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  3. So far I've only picked up Bonk. I'm really impressed by the menus and interface for the virtual console; really slick looking. For me the big draw to the VC is the updates to the games; we've been promised graphics/content updates, but hopefully the rumors of online play are also true.

  4. I got some Wii points at Launch, and some as a gift. I've picked up Sonic, Zelda, Bomberman, Mario 64 and F-Zero. All run great, and being as I didn't have a 64, I guess that'll be the console I frequent the most.

  5. I also picked up Super Mario 64 and have to agree that it doesn't seem quite as sharp as the original. I've been using the standard GameCube pad. Also downloaded Bomberman 93 and Zelda. I can't wait till they release more games -- dying to play Blaster Master, Rescue Rangers, Ducktales, Rush 'n Attack, Super Contra, etc.

  6. If I had Mario 64 right now I wouldn't have a reason to play any other game. I fucking loved that game.

  7. Is Bomberman 93 the same as Mega Bomberman on Genesis? I get them all confused. Also, can you play Bomberman 93 4 player with 4 GC pads?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Razor Ramon View Post
    If I had Mario 64 right now I wouldn't have a reason to play any other game. I fucking loved that game.
    QFT. The only reason I don't have it on VC is because I've already got it on N64 and DS.

  9. So how is it supposed to go with new releases? I think I remember hearing that there will be new ones added every week but I'm just not sure. People seem to have info on upcoming Xbox Live games so getting info like that will build the anticipation.

  10. I think it's every monday a handful of new titles.


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