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Thread: GBA Wrap-Up: GameBoy <Random Adjective>

  1. GBA Wrap-Up: GameBoy <Random Adjective>

    I know we've done some threads for systems before as they finally die off what you should own for that system, the games that truely made the system worth purchasing (And maybe the gems you just want to stay the fuck away from) and I figure since this is the last month for new games to be released for it, may as well start this up now. Maybe even just the list of the games you have for it, and what you thought about em.

    I think the first game for the GBA I really enjoyed, was Golden Sun and to RPG lovers I would certainly put that up there on the must haves of the GBA, both that one and the second part were enjoyable.

    Trying to find all the games but so far my list of GBA games consists of:

    Both Fire Emblems
    Both Golden Suns
    Final Fantasy I & 2, 4, & 5.
    Some Naruto game, first game I imported, wasn't really worth the cash, decent game, just not worth I think the $50 or $40 I paid for it.
    Street Fighter Alpha 3: Not a huge fan of Street Fighter Alpha 3.
    Riviera: The Promised Land
    River City Ransom
    The CastleVanias.

    Gotta find the rest, forget what I've owned and played atm. But I'd recomend all of them except the Naruto Game.
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  2. Double Dragon Advance
    Astro Boy Omega Factor
    Ninja Five-O
    Racing Gear Advance
    Fire Pro Wrestling (1 & 2)
    Advance War 1 & 2
    Metroid Zero Mission
    Super Robot Taisen OG 1 & 2
    Summon Night 1 & 2
    Tactics Ogre

  3. Forgot about the Metroids lol, and Tactics Ogre, which one is it the PS One? Cause I never finished that and would certainly track it down. Wasn't a big fan of the SNES one (Granted both were originaly on the SNES)

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    I still contend that the GBA had the best lineup out of any of its contemporaries (PS2, Xbox, or GC). Thanks to the GBP, I could the games without going blind too. I keep debating trying to go back and really build a nice GBA collection as it dies off, but complete games are so hard to find consistently.

  5. Zelda: The Minish Cap
    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
    Mario & Luigi
    Sonic Advance 1/2/3

  6. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
    That's in my list of the must avoid.

  7. Drill Dozer, you all suck for forgetting this game.
    Yoshi's Island, the only rereleae that still holds up today.
    Rhythm Tengoku, why didn't this game come out in the US.
    Fire Emblem 6, see above.
    Dotstream, see above.
    Digidrive, but I can see only myself liking this game. You have to 'get' how it works, and until then you are going to hate it.

  8. How did I forget Drill Dozer!!? Awesome game. I would add Mario Golf Advance too.

  9. Kuru Kuru Kururin and Wario Ware are all I got right now that haven't been listed, but I'm sure there are a ton of others.

  10. Games I own:

    AAA titles:

    Advance Wars 1&2
    Golden Sun 1&2
    Namco Museum (Best of the 80's Arcade, on the go, nuff said.)
    Manish Cap
    Castlevania: Circle of the moon
    Metroid:Fusion (Playing this brought back memories of playing Super Metroid)
    Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

    AA titles:

    Pinball of the Dead (Pretty cool game, though it's no Alien Crush)
    Boxing Fever (Not exactly punchout, but entertaining still)
    Konami: Arcade Advanced (Scramble, Time Pilot, frogger..Good stuff)
    Rebel Star - Tactical Command
    Gunstar Super Heroes (It may not live up to the name, but still a fine game.)
    Gradius Galaxies (Lives up to the name)
    Rock N' Roll Racing (The game has aged okay, but it's not the AAA title it was back when it was on SNES)
    Mario Golf: Advance Tour (Golf with an RPG sidestory. Nice twist on the basic golf game.)
    Final Fantasy I&II: Dawn of Souls
    F-Zero: GP Legend (The turns are a little more difficult, compared to the SNES game. Once you get used to it, it's all good!)

    A titles:

    Tactics: Ogre Battle (Just a step below Vangaurd Bandits)
    Top Gear Rally (This game is a little too easy, but still decent fun.)

    B and below:

    Midways Arcade Classics (Horrible ports of good arcade games. WTF?)
    GT Advance: Championship Racing (This game tries to be a Gran Tourismo knock-off, but the controls lack realism.)

    I"ll have to check out my games when I get home. I'll update the list then.
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