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Thread: GBA Wrap-Up: GameBoy <Random Adjective>

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Bacon McShig View Post
    Boktai (maybe 2 as well, haven't played it)
    Yes. 2 as well. Boktai 2 is my favorite GBA game. Boktai 1 is second.

    Stuff I enjoyed that hasn't been mentioned yet (that I saw)...

    Summon Night 1 (haven't played 2 yet)
    Mega Man & Bass
    Phantasy Star Collection
    Kingdom Hearts: CoM
    Mario VS Donkey Kong
    Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon
    Tales of Phantasia

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi View Post
    I still contend that the GBA had the best lineup out of any of its contemporaries (PS2, Xbox, or GC). Thanks to the GBP, I could the games without going blind too. I keep debating trying to go back and really build a nice GBA collection as it dies off, but complete games are so hard to find consistently.
    I agree with this sentiment. I have a huge GBA collection, and would keep it over anything else for the last 2 generations. And I still have a few more titles to grab. Most of my AAA picks have already been named so I'll try not to be to redundant and point out games that may not be triple AAA by any means but were interesting and usually overlooked imo:

    Fire Emblem(7)- Sacred Stones is also good, but this one is superior. I want to get 6 so bad and can't find it anywhere.

    Riviera- This Wonderswan port is an awesome game, it's like someone took the hands-off type combat from Ogre Battle and put into an adventure game.

    Shining Force: Resurection of Dark Dragon- This is a really good remake with a lot of new shit, and each time you beat it you can play through at a higher difficulty (up to 99 times). I wish they did the second one like this though.

    Gradius Galaxies- up until more recently (V), only the weak boss fights kept this from being my favorite Gradius.

    Sigma Star Saga- yes, it kind of sucked, but I still love it. It has that certain charm to it that so many games are lacking- the developers certainly poured a lot of love into the core of it that still shines through even if they didn't quite pull off the execution. It reminds me of a fun cartoon, and Psyme is one of my favorite characters ever.

    Cima: The Enemy- cool hybrid of a JRPG and a pseudo-RTS/ puzzle game like Pikmin or Lemmings.

    Sword of Mana- I like it a lot, and I think I'm the only one. Better than Secret of Mana (but not SD3).

    Gekido Advance: A very cool beat-em up with great graphics and sound that is a bit repetitive.

    Car Battler Joe- By Ancient, with Yuzo Koshiro tunes, this game was a cool hybrid of a JRPG and a Mode 7 racing/car combat game. Unfortunately a total lack of any challenge killed the whole thing. Still, I wish I had hung on to my copy.

    Guardian Heroes Advance- compared to the original (which it isn't much like really), it pales. But on its own merits it's pretty damn good. I also thought Gunstar was awesome too, and Astroboy was omega rad.

    Tiny Toons: Busters Bad Dream- I got this when it was first released in Europe, and I can see it being a love it or hate it thing. It's almost like a weird boxing game, and you pretty much just punch the shit out of stuff until you get tired of it and turn it off. Think Astroboy, but with just the hand-to-hand fighting. I liked it at first, but since Astroboy was released I've not looked back.
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  3. Oops, I forgot to list Wario Ware. Definitely worth owning, one of the best games on the system.

    There's not much need to own Advance Wars 1 if you own the sequel.
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  4. I saw Sword of Mana for $10, was tempted to pick it up, Think I should then?

    Yeah it sucks that getting boxes will be such a bitch though :/

  5. This is my GBA collection, I recommend just a bout everything on there, with a few exceptions. Like the first KoF was meh, the Gunstar and Guardian Heroes remakes are only good for one play through really, and Dokapon didn't hold my interest for too long.
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  6. megaman battle network 1-6 - ok single player. like bacon said above, just play 1. i'd recomend 3 or 6. and also add that it's a much better 2 player vs game if you have someone to play with.

    final fantasy 1+2 - i kinda like the level up system of ff2. i didn't play ff1 much but 2 was pretty fun for me.

    shining soul 2 - single player gets boring after a while. pretty much just a dungeon crawler but it's a 4 player game and that's really where the game shines.

    yu-gi-oh eternal dualist soul and yo-gi-oh ultimate masters 2006 - the first game was fun and i played the thing for a few years before i could unlock all the opponents. the 2006 version is more based on themed decks and can be a blast at times...but most of the time really annoying trying to build up a good deck.

    final fantasy tactics advance - i really enjoyed this game. i know it's not everyone's cup of tea but i don't think it's as horrible as most people say it is either.

  7. Haven't seen these mentioned yet:

    Dragonball Adventure - incredible, even for someone that could care less about DB like myself. Maybe the best 2D visuals on the system, plus lots of variety in gameplay.

    K-1 Pocket Grand Prix 1 and 2 - fantastic if you're a fan of the sport.

    Hajime no Ippo - another good boxing game, very fast gameplay.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Dipstick View Post
    Rhythm Tengoku, why didn't this game come out in the US.
    Fire Emblem 6, see above.

    Haven't tried the patch out myself yet though.

  9. Rama, you're pretty much the only person I've ever heard about that actually played multiplayer in GBA games.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by kuro View Post
    the Gunstar and Guardian Heroes remakes are only good for one play through really
    There were remakes?


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