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Thread: Limbo

  1. It's like porn being art if it's monochromatic.

  2. ESRB Inconsistent In Ratings Application Shocker! Details at 11.


  3. I mean I get that there's these outlines of some grisly deaths, but I'd easily argue that a teenager is able to handle this game.

    It's not E, you're not supposed to let a five year old play it. It's supposed to be suitable for a teenager.

  4. I'd let a five year old play it.

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    Playing this company's new game INSIDE on stream tonight. I'm well stoked for it.
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    This time the kid is in color
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    There are no rules, only consequences.

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    So I dunno. I think Inside was a more refined cinematic experience with a better "story" but it seemed lighter on puzzles and I had a much lower death count. The creeptown factor and balance of intense vs ambient was all better than Limbo. The ending was really cool too. I feel like they set up a bunch of interesting mechanics and didn't really explore them too much, and there is some retreading over ground that The Swapper already sort of covered.

    I think Limbo is the meatier game, but to a casual I'd probably hand them Inside first.

    They also toned the gore down a bit. My favorite moment is when you splat some scientist in an epic belly flop onto concrete.

    I'd say that if they make another game they could go even darker and gorier but that would probably end up limiting the market reach.


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