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Thread: Hit and run

  1. Hit and run

    I was chilling with some friends in my mom's car at 7/11 when this car backs up into us. He starts to drive away, we get out, then he slows then acting as if he was going to come back into the parking lot. Instead, he floors it and drives off. My buddy gets into his car and goes after them but can't find them. At this point my other buddy and I have called the cops. All we can do is file a report.

    Fuckin' PISSED.

  2. You just had to include that it was your mom's car...

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Giltc'h View Post
    You just had to include that it was your mom's car...
    Does it really fucking matter?

  4. Aren't you the kid with the Hummer?
    Quote Originally Posted by rezo
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  5. Did you get his license plate #?

  6. I pulled a hit and run on your mom.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Andrew View Post
    Aren't you the kid with the Hummer?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tenchimo Dos View Post
    Did you get his license plate #?
    My friend said he saw no plate.

  8. You're fucked.

  9. #9
    Straight up now tell me...
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  10. This is the kid who stole a car, crashed it and then got cancer in his arm.

    I kind of wish the car backed onto your head
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