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Thread: My new zombie army poster

  1. My new zombie army poster

    I just put up my new kristy versus the zombie army poster for sale, and I thought I'd show you cats the final arts, 'cause I think it turned out pretty slick.

    It's 13 by 19 inches on really nice glossy paper, though my camera washed out the colors a bit. The final version actually has the zombie army logo in the upper left hand corner, but that's the only thing that's diffirent from the photo.

    Also, click here to see a recent page from the comic. The art on the character in the last panel is pretty neato imo.

  2. That's awesome! Do you have a scanned version?

  3. What do you make with the sculpey?

  4. Couple of things strike me at first...

    Kristy seems particularly large. I recall her being a little girl but now she looks like an adult, even proportionally. The effect of having some tiny, cute thing gleefully jump into a pit of zombies is somewhat lessened when she's about to crush them all in a giant bodyslam (I think the rightmost zombie's expression is most fitting).

    Also, I'm reading it as though we're looking straight on, at her leap, and at a row of taller zombies that has a row of shorter zombies in front. I think (or if not intended, I'd prefer) that it looked more like a pack of similar-sized zombies that she was descending on. Perhaps if we were looking up at Kristy from a worm's eye or zombiecam view (or conversely, maybe looking down over the shoulder of Kristy at the mass of zombies she's jumping into). Because of this, I think the zombies in the far back look disconnected from the mob, more just aimlessly wandering.

    I think I like it a bit better in your comic when you outline whole bodies in green rather than individual parts. Heads I can understand, but it looks a little odd to me that their bodies are outlined apart from their arms. I only crit because I care, KN!

    Ooh, I just noticed the chu-chu-rocket'esque cat in the background, that's a nice touch.

    Anyhow, I expect the poster looks mighty fine. Your coloring style really lends itself to the hi-gloss sheen. How did you get such a big print?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by FuryFox
    Ooh, I just noticed the chu-chu-rocket'esque cat in the background, that's a nice touch.
    Isn't that the zombie king or something?

  6. Thanks guys.

    Here is a link to the image, or atleast, a tiny bit older version. The final actually has quite a bit more small zombies wandering around in back, seeing the full size print I was able to squeeze a ton more in.

    Quote Originally Posted by ChaoofNee View Post
    I honestly think it looks awesome without the logo.
    Yea, I thought so too looking at the image on my monitor, but seeing the full size print, I think it needed a bit of something in the blank sky area.

    Quote Originally Posted by rezo View Post
    What do you make with the sculpey?
    Misc. crap, mostly really crappy octopi. heh I will take some pics of some finished pieces and post 'em.

    Quote Originally Posted by FuryFox View Post
    Aye I'm not consistent at all with how I draw Kristy, especially when it comes to her age and proportion. One of these days I'll lock in a standard size I'm sure (I'm in talks to do a one of print comic with a publisher now, for that I'd keep her looking the same throughout), but now I'm really still exploring her look and feel as my art progresses.

    Same with how I do the zombies "glow". I really am still trying new things and seeing how they work out.

    I appreciate the crit FF for sure! I really felt in the last year or so since I've started the comic I've grown tons and tons artistically (look at the first few pages compared to the last few pages) so overally I'm really happy. Still tons and tons and tons of practice to go though...

    Quote Originally Posted by ChaoofNee View Post
    Isn't that the zombie king or something?
    Acutally it's another character, but close!
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    My first impression a few days ago was that Kristy is too old, too large and not cute in the poster. I'm afraid that's what I see today too. Sorry. Nice otherwise.


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