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Thread: LUKE = Liar, do not agree on a deal with this one.

  1. LUKE = Liar, do not agree on a deal with this one.

    i personally cannot recommend him as a good trader, he lied to me several times, made up excuses. whatever. the deal never went through.

  2. Thumbs down. Over a month, no delivery, stopped replying to emails. Steer clear of this guy, but if you must, make sure you ask HIM to send first!!!

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  3. Maybe we should just terminate his account?

    All bad traders banned on site. :jest:

  4. sounds good to me man, go for it. but what's to stop him from creating a new account again and just continue ripping people off? heck, he might be already doing that. some folks have multiple logins.

    thanks anyway

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    Luke ripped me off as well. His AIM handle is Fentphx or something like that. I sent off a sealed copy of Samba di Amigo to him and he never sent payment. He even lied saying that the MO was found "stuck" to the inside of his mail box. Then later admitted that he lied. He now no longer responds to IM's. What a lowlife.

  6. he ripped me off as well, his AIM is Fentgphx email is:

    and if someone wants to figure out a way to deal with this bastard, PM me and i'll give you his addy

  7. I dealt with Luke once. Sold him my copy of Lunar: SSSC. It took him 2-3 weeks to send payment. I thought nothing of it at the time, but after seeing this thread I thought I'd put in my two cents.
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  8. Actually I have a better idea.

    Don't ban him. Let his dumbass try and deal on these forums again and see what happens.

    Originally we had something like this occur on the forums. It involved a member there selling a copy of Metal Slug 1 on AES for a total of $1600.00 USD. Now of course the main thing to remember is that Slug 1 to a lot of people is a collecotr's piece and as such some people will pay a lot of money for a rare home cart.

    Now what had transpired here was that the member who sold the AES cart in his auction failed to mention one major detail.

    The cart was a conversion and not an original.

    Of course the person who bought the cart tried to get his money refunded but, the guy who sold him the cart outright refused to refund the money and pretty much has blackballed himself on those forums.

    If anything a lesson was learned in this aspect that a united community is more able to deal with scammers than to just remove them.

    I say let the dumbshit stay and if he continues to post then he's nothing more than free flame bait.
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  9. Was that the guy who supposedly had his father in on the deal? I remember that. What a scumbag. It seems that Luke was shooting for that position here, although it seems he left.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish...

  10. Yeah you're right about that. Apparently he said he father had listed the Auction for him instead of him doing it himself.

    Seeing as he said his father wasn't too knowledgeable about Neo*Geo games with value/rarity/conversions, KyokugenStar should have refunded the money for selling a converted game as the real item.

    Thing is he's not banned from but everytime he so much as attempts to make a post, he gets flamed like mad. Of course I've told KS personally that if he refunded the money, everyone would let the shit go and life would move on.

    It's sad really that some people are willing to throw their rep away for such a small amount of money...
    6-6-98 - 6-6-18 Happy 20th Anniversary TNL


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