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Thread: Right Stuf's 12+ Days of Christmas sale

  1. Yield Right Stuf's 12+ Days of Christmas sale

    All the deals are up now:

    Inu Yasha Season 2 box Deluxe Edition- $49.99
    Vision of Escaflowne DVD Complete Collection- $22.49
    Desert Punk, 1-6 DVD Bundle- $74.99
    Genshiken DVD Premium Collection- $29.99
    Case Closed Season 1 Bundle- $47.99
    Shingu DVD Bundle Set- $59.99
    Flame of Recca DVD Bundle- $54.99
    Outlaw Star Complete Collection DVD- $22.49
    Full Metal Panic? FUMOFFU DVD Complete Collection- $24.99
    Giant Robo DVD/CD Combo Bundle- $12.99
    Excel Saga DVD Complete Collection- $29.99
    Samurai Champloo DVD Box Set- $79.99

    No one has an excuse not to own Giant Robo. $13 for the whole series, the Ginrei special, and 2 soundtracks. Jesus titty-fucking Christ.

  2. Yeah the day I got the email I bought the Giant Robo bundle I was like crap 12.99?! Giant robot mecha for me!

  3. I love this sale every year.

    ...but, fuck, Geneon anime is just never cheap by law. Seriously. I'd never pay $80 for Champloo.

  4. Rightstuf have the Votoms box set for $59.98

    Detailed pictures of the box set and the show can be seen here:

    Click here to see the Pictures

  5. Quote Originally Posted by ChaoofNee View Post
    I love this sale every year.

    ...but, fuck, Geneon anime is just never cheap by law. Seriously. I'd never pay $80 for Champloo.
    Well still the original price is $200 bucks so $80 isn't that bad. I was thinking about it but, it's so close to xmas I didn't want to blow 80 on myself.

    Maybe they will have a crazy Geneon sale again, that was awesome.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by ChaoofNee View Post
    Yeah, so awesome that I MISSED IT.

    I'll never finish Gad Guard and Requiem from the Darkness.
    I got some stuff from it, but there was still a ton I wanted but couldn't overindulge myself on. They really should have split that into 2 sales or something.

    BTW, some of the notable new deals at the link up top:
    Paranoia Agent complete series- $40
    Shadow Star Narutaru complete series- $25
    X TV series complete- $50
    Elfen Lied complete- $25

    The rest is mostly discounted vol. 1 + artbox dealies.

  7. It's... hard to describe. I followed the manga in Dark Horse's Super Manga Blast anthology for a while. Starts out looking like a pretty by-the-numbers 'girl befriends weird thing and has wacky adventures' affair but quickly turns pretty dark.

    Basically, these star beings are found by a bunch of kids... some of them use them for good, some form a disturbingly ruthless secret evil society, some develop a weird psychic bond with theirs that makes them suicidal... that sort of deal.

    The anime's only 13 eps, though, so I can't imagine it really fleshes things out as much as the manga (I should really pick up the collections someday to find out where things were going, it was a pretty compelling read). I saw a few fansubbed eps of it a while back, and it didn't seem to water down the themes any, so that's good.
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  8. I would be all over Giant Robo at that price. But In the past already bought them all including the Eye art box

    Thats an awesome deal on Shamploo if you guys dont already have it. Paranoia Agent too


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