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Parodius Shinwa Kara Owaraihe Soundtrack - Very Good, CD has light hariline streak, 28pg full color booklet is excellent with many colorful screenshots, jewel case shows signs of use, Painted graphic elements on outer lid are perfect unscratched. [That's right, the jewel case has painted graphics that match up with the cover of the booklet underneath!]

The Return of Video Game Music - Namco Soundtrack - Complete Like New w/ spine card. Tracks include: Pole Position II, Grobda, Dig Dug II, Dragon Buster, Metro Cross, Gaplus, The Tower of Druaga, Mood Organ #27, Meta Magic Game, Merry Goes Round, Mechanism of Vision, Standard Theme

Zuntata Night Striker Soundtrack PCCB-00140 Very Good Complete w/ spine card. 23 Tracks

Zuntata Rayforce Rubbing Beat CD Very Good, no spine, but w/ registration card. 13 Tracks

Romancing Saga 2 Original Sound Version Complete Like New w/ spine card. 35 Tracks

Shining Force Resurection of Dark Dragon OST Complete Like New w/ spine card. 33 Tracks

Comix Zone Sega Tunes Soundtrack Very Good Condition. 6 Tracks

Guitar Freaks 7th Mix & Drummania 6th Mix Soundtracks Complete Like New w/ spine card. 35 Tracks

Shark! Shark! Shark! (Fire Shark) ~ JPN-MD Complete Excellent Condition.

Namco Museum Vol.4 ~ JPN PSX Complete Near Mint w/ spine card, reg card, and fold out Return of Ishtar chart. Games included: Assault, Ordyne, Pac-Land, The Return of Ishtar, The Genji and the Heike Clans. Assualt and Return of Ishtar are compatible with the Sony Twin Analog joysticks. Assualt also plays very nicely in the optional TATE screen setting.

Panzer Dragoon ~ JPN Saturn Excellent, Complete except spine card, does include promo flyers and fold out Panzer Dragoon poster.

Toe Jam & Earl Panic on Funkotron ~ Genesis Complete Very Good. Instructions have some wrinkle.

Splatterhouse 3 ~ Genesis Complete, almost Like New - instructions are like new except for slight bend.

Blood Wolf ~ PC-Engine HuCard - Very Good, Complete, w/ vinyl Hu-wallet

Dungeon Explorer ~ PC-Engine HuCard Good Condition. no instructions or vinyl wallet.

Super Metroid ~ JPN SFC Cart Only. Very Good

Starfox ~ US SNES Cart Only. Very Good

FX-PAD ~ PC-FX Mint Brand New boxed