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Thread: Scott21's stuff to sell

  1. Scott21's stuff to sell

    I'm about to move in with my gf in a week or two and was looking to get a few extra dollars to hold me over until i can secure a job. Soo... some stuff has got to go. Pics are available on request, and i've got a 100% ebay rating (id: scottyrollins21).

    Here's what i've got to get rid of right now:

    Austin Powers 1/2/3 DVD Pack - $20
    The Godfather DVD Collection (2001 box set) - $30
    Office Space Special Edition DVD - $10
    Indiana Jones DVD Box set (fullscreen) - $30
    Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle -$5
    Scarface 2 disc anniversary edition - $10

    PC Games
    Unreal (original big box release) -\ Get both for $15
    Unreal Return to Na Pali (original big box release) -/
    Serious Sam 1 (original big box release) - $5
    Rouge Squadron -\
    Battle for Naboo -/ Get both for $10

    Sega Saturn
    Radiant Silvergun - $150 (just cd/manual/back cover only, no inserts or spine card)

    Everything is in supurb condition. If you want some pictures i'll be happy to get you some. Shipping will be at cost to US/Canada. I'd prefer payment via paypal but a money order will be fine too.

    If you buy a few items i'm willing to negotiate a little but i'm trying to save up some much needed money to move and live off of for the next few weeks until i get a job and paycheck.

    If you have any questions or pic request feel free to ask

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    Let's see...
    • Unemployed
    • Moving in with girlfriend
    • Number in name

    Three strikes you're out. ban pls.

  3. number in name? heh..

    excuse me mr. "named after dinosaur video game character"

  4. 5 dollars shipped, and I'll take your girlfriend off your hands.

  5. Don't let these sour old men discourage you... I will take Radiant Silvergun for $10, shipped. Pls Blv.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by scott21 View Post
    number in name? heh..

    excuse me mr. "named after dinosaur video game character"
    Boo, Hiss.


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