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Thread: All-Purpose Wrestling Thread

  1. Kurt Angle makes his in ring return tonight at TLC though I figure there will be some stupid shenanigans that will prevent him from doing any in ring action. ...but you never know.

    Finn vs AJ should be amazing.

  2. ESPN's 30 for 30 is going to feature "The Nature Boy" Rick Flair on November 7th.

  3. Rick Flair's a legit living legend.

    Also, WWE just got interesting by letting Matt Hardy cut the most insane but hilarious promo:

    lulz at that laugh at the end. Reminds me of the old 90s promos guys used to cut.
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    Once, a gang of fat girls threatened to beat me up for not cottoning to their advances. As they explained it to me: "guys can usually beat up girls, but we are all fat, and there are a lot of us."

  4. WTF?!

  5. Looks like TNA finally gave up on their case against the "Broken" gimmick. Word also is that Vince is giving Matt full creative freedom with the character.
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