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Thread: All-Purpose Wrestling Thread

  1. TY sir. I can't get back into chat until I replace my phone, lol.

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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Drewbacca View Post
    You tuned in and only watched 60 year olds from a bygone era.
    I don't watch this WWE shit anymore. I only wasted my time skipping around this match for the lol/sad factor.

    AJ v. Samoa Joe was the match of that night.
    Seems like they had a really low bar to clear.

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  4. The Undertaker's WWF debut.

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  5. So apparently All Elite Wrestling is a thing now and they held their first-ever pay-per-view Saturday night? And it was awesome? And they have an upcoming TNT television deal in place as well? And a bunch of New Japan Pro Wrestling and WWE guys are in it, including Cody Rhodes and Kenny Omega? And Jim Ross is an announcer?

    Am I going to have to actually start watching wrestling again?
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  6. Beats watching the unwatchable WWE

    24/7 Belt. What a joke.

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    A E Dub! A E Dub!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by haohmaru View Post
    24/7 Belt. What a joke.
    I had to look this up. So, it's basically the Hardcore Title belt all over again? Wow, can't wait for fun skits of the champ having to fight off challengers while eating at McDonald's.

    WWE fucking sucks so bad.

    *EDIT* Just watched a clip of Mick Foley introducing the title. The crowd's non-reaction is priceless. And these are people who PAID to be there, lol.
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    The people might want the hardcore championship since PG WWE doesn't really do that anymore. What they didn't want then or now was the stupid scenes of Crash Holly running all around the backstage like a retard. The crowd realized they were bringing back the worst part of that without bringing the best.

    I've actually picked up watching WWE since just before Wrestlemania, and it's frustrating since they genuinely have a lot of great talent and they're generally being held back by stupidity. Raw and Smackdown are generally not worth watching since they mostly just throw people into random tag matches to get the most amount of talent on air, but the matches outside of pay per views really don't matter. They are at least still capable of putting out a decent PPV. Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles was a damn fine championship match, and the Money In the Bank mens match was one of the better ladder matches I've seen up until the retarded ending that has VINCE written all over it. Wrestlemania was a pretty good show although it went on for way too long.

    About AEW- the Buy In preshow is free on Youtube. It has a regular match and a battle royale, it's a good taste to see if you'd like to watch them or not. The actual PPV was solid as well.

  10. Here's the Undertaker's debut in pro wrestling as Texas Red, at the Dallas Sportatorium.

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