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Thread: The Completion Thread 2007

  1. Finished Star Soldier Vanishing Earth (N64) with a major score jump over last time.

    Score: 377,725,479
    Max Combo: 14,880
    Achievement %: 94.4%
    Ship used: Wisteria (green)

    Using the ExArms to drain bosses builds up combo counts quickly. If you have a high combo count going against a boss, sometimes it's worth it to burn them up to pack on the hits. If you have no ExArms left, suiciding one time may be good (in that case, you come back with one). Losing a life does not always stop a combo. Just don't suicide more than once unless it's against the last form of the final boss- where there's a time limit.

    Finished in 2018: 20 games (AC: 10, PC: 3, PS4: 5, SCD: 1, Gen: 1)

  2. Whupped Marvel: Ultimate Alliance on both hard and easy. Only 6 more achievements to go for 100%.

  3. I beat Captain Commando and King of Dragons over the past few days on the second Capcom collection.
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  4. That Safecracker game looks cool.

    Over my small break, I completed Carbon. Of course, a stupid decision on my part caused me to not retain my achievements, so before Live knew I played it at all, I deleted the save and started over. Dunno if I'll go through it all again, though.

  5. I finished WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2007's career mode on Hard, though I took several shortcuts in doing so. Quite an illustrious start to the new year, eh?

  6. Finally, finally I finished all the activities in Saints Row and got 100% in the game. That final hijacking one was killing me, and I got really lucky in that one of my homies shot the driver just as I stopped the car. This allowed me to take over with minimal damage and finally finish the darn thing.

    Now all I need are the 30 packages achievement and the shitload of online ones. Too bad that just about everyone I've played online in this game prefers to shoot their teammates.

  7. I just completed COD3.

    And I miss Diff

  8. where the fuck did he go, anyway?

  9. I too finished CoD3

  10. "Finished" Viva Pinata. At least, as much as I'm going to finish. Level 54-55, most of the medals, all achievements minus the 50 hour. Very good game. I don't think it's a game I'll be replaying, though.

    ..Anyone wanna trade CoD3 for Viva?
    Buy Yakuza and Oblivion. Help yourself, help TNL.


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