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Thread: The Weekly Comics Grind

  1. Quote Originally Posted by PBMax View Post
    I hear you. I learned my lesson from buying Civil War spin-off crap that I wish I didn't have now.
    Ditto. I bought everything Civil War related and I didn't even dig half of it.
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  2. Over the weekend I read Justice 1-11, 52 Weeks 1-51, WW3, and a handfull of some old JLA tpb's.

  3. Taken as a whole, do feel 52 delivers?

  4. Certainly. There are parts I'd rather skip (Mad Scientist on the island) but taken in all together, sure.

  5. Arcs involving The Question and Black Adam were tits.
    Arcs involving Booster Gold, Animal Man/Starfire/Lobo/Adam Strange and Batwoman arcs left me apathetic.

    And there was some stuff with Luthor and his Everyman project, the forming of the new Infinity Inc., John "Steel" Henry and his niece that were okay but forgettable. It got better after the 30th week or so, because it was almost exclusively Question and then Black Adam from that point on.

    As a whole, I think it was a surprisingly cohesive effort. I'm shocked they were able to put out EVERY issue on time. How many monthlies can say that nowadays?

    PBMax, thanks for the WWH checklist. And yeah, Incredible Hulk and World War Hulk for me. Those tie-ins are unnecessary. Whatever happens in them will be reiterated in the main titles anyway.

    Holy shit, some of you buy ALOT of comics! Cena, I hope you're all caught up now. Can you tell me what the big deal about New Universal is?

  6. It's basically a revamp of the New Universe. I'm a big fan of failed universes (have almost complete runs of the Ultraverse, Comics Greatest World, Valiant) but never really got into the old New Universe stuff.
    It's almost like the Ultimate line. You take pre-existing archtypes and characters, but spin them in a more modern way.
    The big deal is that Ellis is putting out a great story and LaRocca is doing (imo) his best art ever.

  7. 52 week 52


    Apokolips? Sue and Ralph? The Megaverse?

    That's how you end a series.

    Click for full size

  8. Looks like World War Hulk is off to a good start. The Prologue book was a bit of a waste, which is sad because Peter David used to be good, but the prelude in Hulk #106 showed a lot more promise.

    Dark Tower #4- I'm glad I didn't have high hopes for this series. Total snooze-fest.

    Punisher #47- Always a good, if brutal, read. Next issue wraps up the current storyline. I wonder if they've got any special #50 plans?

    Jeff Smith's Shazam #3- fun, but $6 an issue's worth of fun? Still, Captain Marvel is always a favorite, and you can't go wrong with Jeff Smith either.

    Ultimate Fantastic Four #41- Isn't this supposed to be monthly?


  9. #149
    so far the DT comics are nothing but a straight retelling of books 1 and 4, and as such they're boring though beautiful, and I can only imagine they are more boring for non-fans.
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by Cowutopia View Post
    so far the DT comics are nothing but a straight retelling of books 1 and 4,
    Umm no they're not.
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