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    Quote Originally Posted by ChaoofNee View Post
    Planet Hulk.
    So all of this?

    18.98 MB 00 - Fantastic Four 533 (2006) (Digital) (AnPymGold-Empire).cbz
    19.25 MB 05 - Incredible Hulk 088 (2006) (Digital-Empire).cbr
    19.48 MB 06 - Incredible Hulk 089 (2006) (Digital-Empire).cbr
    20.51 MB 07 - Incredible Hulk 090 (2006) (Digital-Empire).cbr
    22.83 MB 02 - Fantastic Four 535 (2006) (Digital) (AnPymGold-Empire).cbz
    24.34 MB 01 - Fantastic Four 534 (2006) (Digital) (AnPymGold-Empire).cbz
    27.28 MB 08 - Incredible Hulk 091 (2006) (Digital-Empire).cbr
    31.9 MB 20 - Incredible Hulk 101 (2007) (Digital-Empire).cbr
    35.36 MB 23 - Incredible Hulk 104 (2007) (Digital-Empire).cbr
    35.62 MB 22 - Incredible Hulk 103 (2007) (Digital-Empire).cbr
    35.78 MB 24 - Incredible Hulk 105 (2007) (Digital-Empire).cbr
    39.16 MB 15 - Incredible Hulk 096 (2006) (Digital-Empire).cbr
    41.06 MB 18 - Incredible Hulk 099 (2006) (Digital-Empire).cbr
    41.31 MB 17 - Incredible Hulk 098 (2006) (Digital-Empire).cbr
    41.47 MB 09 - Incredible Hulk 092 (2006) (Digital-Empire).cbr
    41.87 MB 12 - Incredible Hulk 095 (2006) (Digital-Empire).cbr
    43.06 MB 10 - Incredible Hulk 093 (2006) (Digital-Empire).cbr
    43.45 MB 21 - Incredible Hulk 102 (2007) (Digital-Empire).cbr
    43.62 MB 16 - Incredible Hulk 097 (2006) (Digital-Empire).cbr
    47.62 MB 11 - Incredible Hulk 094 (2006) (Digital-Empire).cbr
    51.4 MB 04 - New Avengers - Illuminati 001 (2006) (digital-hd) (Kleio-Empire).cbz
    72.12 MB 19 - Incredible Hulk 100 (2007) (Digital-Empire).cbr
    Planet Hulk - Gladiator Guidebook (2006) (Digital) (Zone-Empire).cbr
    Amazing Fantasy 015 (2006) (Digital) (Zone-Empire).cbr
    Giant-Size Hulk 001 (2006) (Digital) (Zone-Empire).cbr

    Quote Originally Posted by Vasteel View Post
    Wasn't he the guy who did all that stuff where different colored Hulks like the Grey and Red ones showed up?
    I can't answer that.

  2. Peter David's run was pretty great, til near the end. The Bruce Jones run started off good but then lost it's way. Greg Pak (who did planet hulk) was really solid too.
    Peter David had nothing to do with Red Hulk nonsense. Grey Hulk, aka Joe Fixit, was part of David's early years and I really liked it. But that storyline only lasted a year or so iirc.

  3. If you're reading Marvel I say stop somewhere in the '70s. I stopped reading anything they did (and DC too) in the mid 80s and I feel like the luckiest man alive. I still get to read sweet comics all the time but I've stepped off the ever revolving corny wheel of horseshit. Avoid Marvel and DC and let your mind be free man!

  4. Stop in the 70s and miss some of the greatest stories ever?
    Miller's Daredevil
    Simonson's Thor
    Byrne's Fantastic Four
    Wolfman/Perez original Teen Titan run
    Moore's DC material - Too much to list, but 90% of it top shelf stuff.
    Stern Spider-Man, Peter David's Death of Jean DeWolff, and Kraven's Last Hunt
    The Best X-Men stuff ever
    Dark Knight Returns, Green Arrow Longbow Hunters
    Pre Vertigo books (Sandman, Hellblazer, Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Doom Patrol)
    Giffen/DeMatteis Justice League (arguably corny, but hilariously meant to be)

    There was some garbage in the 80s, just like every era of comics. But to write off the entire decade is pretty silly.
    On topic, I felt 70's Hulk was the corniest of Hulk.

  5. Well it's all pretty corny and that's why I still can dig the 60s and 70s superhero stuff. With that I embrace the corny. I disliked most everything you listed above. And I stopped in about '88 I think? Aside from DKR and some Alan Moore there isn't much of value in the 80s. Unless of course you look elsewhere. The 80s was a massive 'underground' explosion and some of that shit ruled so hard I never thought twice about eschewing the big name corporate heroes. BTW, it was that very X-Men stuff (which had previously been my BIG favorite in life) and especially X-Factor that put me off superhero comics. Actually Secret Wars II played a big role in removing the blinders as well. That shit was a fuckin scam and nothing else. Anyway, 99% of any superhero stuff I've looked at from the big two (and Image, I hated that Spawn crap) since my big move back in '88 or whenever has been pretty crappy. All that Hellboy stuff and the spinoffs are worthy and I dig Madman and his spinoffs but otherwise I genrally prefer to avoid the superhero genre. Which still leaves me so many comic books that if I tried to read everything that does interest me I would need to spend the rest of my life literally doing nothing but reading, eating and sleeping.

  6. Yeah, TMNT and its thousands of clones were top notch! I'm not going to dismiss one sector of comics because of a personal preference for another, as that'd be silly.
    A person can enjoy both. I also won't decry your taste for not liking the majority of what I listed. It's all just opinion. But historically, the majority of people that enjoy comics point towards that stuff as being enjoyable, so there's a high probability that someone asking about superhero comic books might enjoy them too.

    X-Factor was (in hindsight) junk (I liked it when I got into it, which was the Portacio/Lee era of X-men). So was Secret Wars II.

  7. Hated TMNT since day one. That was just as bad as any of the mainstream superhero stuff except the art was somehow EVEN WORSE. It was weird right then. I wanted out of the superheroes but the bulk of people my age who were also going toward underground stuff were all caught up on these fucking turtles which I found to be one of the shittiest inventions ever foisted off on mankind.

    Of course a person can enjoy both. It's a free country. My opinion is that most everything superhero after the 70s loses its enjoyability and becomes unfun and tedious. My own dumb life is even less boring than that so why turn up the boredom by doing something that is supposed to carry me away on flights of fancy?

    Also I'm really into the 'super' concept. I love Conan and Doc Savage and stuff like that but the writers of that old stuff know how to use the English language to make the stuff they write interesting. One needs no investment in those characters to enjoy the writings. But if you're not three miles up the Hulk's ass then the shit he does throughout the 80s is the unfunnest soap opera piece of junk you could ever read. Change out the Hulk for any other corporate superhero property and it's still true.

    And man. All that crap 'art'. Holy fuck. I'll just leave now. I know you dudes are not impressed with my take on comics.

  8. I'll be the first to admit I got caught up in the "flash" of...I don't want to say Image, because aside from Lee I didn't care for any of those guy's art. So I guess the 90s stuff?
    I was into Lee/Portacio/Keith ( I was also 12 when the Lee era began). Later, I grew to enjoy guys like Gulacy, Colon, and Smith- his 70s stuff is sooo much better than his 90s era crap. Neal Adams was a name I knew, but the only thing I had seen of his until my late teens was the Continuity garbage.

    I can totally see your point on the soap opera continuity stuff; it really did get out of hand. But when I began reading comics that's what drew me in. Although every issue boiled down to Guy X beating down Guy Y, the history and backstory made it seem far deeper than that. I liked the little "see issue 174" boxes that would be strewn about. The history and mythology behind the characters were very attractive to 8 year old me.
    But that same stuff (and the constant retconning) is what turned me off to modern comics. I liked picking up X-men #321 and knowing there were exactly 320 issues prior to search out if I wanted everything (and with my OCD, of course I did). Now the comics switch names and numbering at the drop of a hat and they're so decompressed that there's no point in grabbing a single issue of anything. It's like someone dumping a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle on the floor and charging you $4.00 for a single piece.

    Please don't leave, I like talking comics with you. You certainly turned me onto a bunch of stuff I hadn't looked into before.

  9. Thank you! I will endeavor to make my next post about that which I love instead of that which I hate. I'm definitely still way way into comics.

  10. Josh: One of my friends who used to be super into comics swore up and down Peter David's Hulk stuff was great. Never read it myself but that's the only one I can recommend second hand.

    Planet Hulk seemed fun but I only read a little bit.

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