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Thread: The Weekly Comics Grind

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    Holy crap. I'm assuming there is no way to associate those with the IDW app, right?

  2. I started reading old Legion of Super Heroes comics. Invisible Kid has the power of super invisibility.
    What is the difference between invisibility and super invisibility?

    When I was a kid I read every comic I could get my hands on, but I never read a Legion book. I'm familiar with storylines like Death of Cosmic kid and shit like that and how Shooter was submitting stories when he was 16 or some shit. Anyone ever read this stuff? Or any golden age version of any books?

  3. Invisibility means people can't see you.

    Super Invisibility means you were never even there.

  4. My guess would be complete imperceptibility, like the Silence in Doctor Who. Of course you DO actually see them, you just forget it immediately after you stop seeing them, but y'know... something like that, but in real time. Say for example, something in the way your body reflects light and sound triggers something in the viewer's brain that makes them not notice you, even in a photo/video/etc., that's right up there with Rogue for powers that would suck to have if you couldn't turn them off.

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  5. Actual script reproduced (aside from font) exactly as presented in the original comic.

    When people wax nostalgic about the good old days of comics I kinda wanna hurt them.

  6. Ok, this panel from Superboy argues I was perhaps a bit hasty in my judgment.

  7. Yeah the Golden and Silver age of comics, hell even a lot of the stuff well into the late 80s, was just so wordy. Well written dialog is hard to find in them. I can appreciate the ideas and concepts that came out of those ages, but I do have a hard time going back and reading them.
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  8. It's kinda fun going through these early 60s DC comics and seeing what I assume to be slight jabs or pastiches of what Marvel was doing.
    An earlier issue I read referred to a group from the bottle city of Kandor as the "fantastic four of Kandor" and now this text piece and art seem a bit on the nose.
    adventure comics 310-01.jpg

  9. Who can even read this shit anymore?

    "When the time-displaced members of Marvel Comics’ X-Men Blue first discovered versions of themselves still existed in the past (as if they never left), the mutants began brainstorming on its real meaning. Possibilities ranged from their presence in the current-day having created an alternate timeline, to them being chronal anomalies.

    As it turns out, neither is the case. Another group of time travelers, the future Brotherhood — Charles Xavier II, Raze, Beast, Zorn, Bruiser, Ice Thing and Old Man Deadpool — traveled to the past and disguised themselves as the original X-Men, in a bid to rewrite history. Now, with this secret out in the open, the X-Men Blue team must stop their evil doppelgangers before the timestream collapses permanently, while also uncovering the truth behind their time paradox."

  10. I could never get that bonged out, and that's saying something.

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