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Thread: The Weekly Comics Grind

  1. I really enjoyed Maestros but was glad it was just 7 issues. Fun, twisted series that did what it wanted to and then finished.

    Series I'm most disappointed crashed and burned- Scales & Scoundrels. It was a great fantasy read that took its time building up the world and its characters, highly entertaining in a genre that somehow is a tough sell in comics. It's worth picking up if you can find the back issues cheap/cover price.

  2. #2482
    humble bundle has a bunch of transformers and other comics up

  3. I was going to share that when it originally went up, but it's so much of the same stuff that's been humbled (and shared on here) before that I didn't think it worth mentioning.

  4. I'm 12 issues into Saga and it's really, really good. That's probably not new news to most of you.

    Is there anything else that's quite this level but also a digestable length? I don't want to follow this up with "every spiderman ever", but I did enjoy reading the entire Planet Hulk and World War Hulk arks a few years ago.

  5. I really enjoyed DMZ, check that out. Transmetropolitan is GOAT.
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  6. Both of those are excellent, DMZ and Transmetropolitan. For something a bit goofier I can also recommend Chew.

  7. Anyone here reading Marvel's Star Wars comics? I'm really enjoying them, especially Vader's comic. There's a lot of backstory that really fleshes out the character.

  8. So Marvel Comics has completely shit the bed now.

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  9. Pretty sure they shit the bed a decade ago.
    I used to pop into once a month or so just to see what's going on in comics. I just visited it last week for the first time in prolly 5 or 6 months. What a wasteland of garbage the big two have become.

  10. Pretty much, but it's hit a new bottom. Although The Unbelievable Gwenpool by Chris Hastings/Gurihiru was a lot of fun while it lasted. I think a lot of people passed that book by because they just thought it was "Lady Deadpool 2.0." It wasn't, but your mileage may vary.

    And there's some great indie stuff out there. Harrow County was really good.

    BTW, I love how the New Warriors writer says that the original comic was "too cool" for him (New Warriors wasn't "too cool" for anybody) and that he was "intimidated" by characters like Night Trasher ("he had a knife coming out of his arm," which he didn't) and Nova ("he was SO buff!").

    Dolemite, the Bad-Ass King of all Pimps and Hustlers
    Gymkata: I mean look at da lil playah woblin his way into our hearts in the sig awwwwwww

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