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Thread: Psx games mix (few pc, sfc some rare most) DDragon

  1. Psx games mix (few pc, sfc some rare most) DDragon

    (I also got Anime n Movie posters & Memorabla just ask ^^)

    All these games going to clear up, there lots of great ones and rares all negotiable and under 8 (for all other titles Scroll down)


    Both fun

    Ah the classics:

    Namco Museum Vol 3 Playstation Best great CLASSICS in here (New Sealed)
    Simple 1500 series vol 35: The Shooting (thats right its a classic side scrolling shmup!)
    Simple 1500 vol 37: The Illust Puzzle & Slide Puzzle (Its not just puzzles it also seems to have a painting game (like mariopaint)

    Horrific: Echo Night (Famous horror game from USA)

    Go Mechs/Robots:

    Extreme Power (Mech Blastin action in a 3D enviroment, similar to VC check it out)
    Vehicle Cavalier (Similar to Armored Core where you control mercenary in a mech and take on missions think Virtua On and Mechwarrior control vehicles; plus one on one duels. ) Action
    Robo Pit 2 European - Awesome game, better than the 1st you create the robots and AWESOME MECH Fighting!
    Zero Divide (Robot Fighting Big Box)

    Learn that language: Segare Ijiri (Learn Japanese style game) by ENIX Pending out

    PS I also have Learn Japanase Now volume 7, Pimsleur Learn Japanese (recommend ), Easy Language 1998: (25 World languages, learn japanese as well other languages including Korean, Chinese & German etc). Languages & Translators 2000: (Similar to above one Japanese and Foreign language tutorials plus translator, this one includes Norwegian and Vietnamese too) for computer.

    Mahjong as well:

    Hanafuda Graffiti: Koi Koi Monogatari (Mahjong Dating) HELD
    Mahjong Senjutsu: Anzou Michuru no Tsugi Akima Satsuhou (Warashi) HELD
    Mahjong Pro (play as 1 or 7 japanese characters) HELD


    Floating Runner: Crystals Densetsu (A great platforming action; set in 2D world with 3D backrounds. Their seven Worlds with fourteen levels each with challenges to complete. Lots of variety as you work your way through a swamp, forests desert, water, fire and sky. You'll need to collect tools including crystals and gems, weapons and fight enemies to overcome obstacles.)
    Hugo 2 (Play as Hugo in the mighty jungle..Hugo the trolls back defeat evil queen of darkness Action Platformer, Europe English )
    Shipwreckers (Famous yet unheard much game.. puzzles, collecting treasures, battle pirate foes)
    Walt Disney: Tarzan USA (Just open) Play as Tarzan in the mighty jungle Action Platformer


    Ford Racing US (Racer) 2.00
    Rapid Racer (A fun racer with speed boats)
    Simple 1500: The bikerace (check if avail


    Band Simulation of Sold Out (like Idol Promotion except a rock band instead of 1 idol)
    Dance the Great Hits! (Its better than your occasional DDR! A video production game, think it supports your own CD. "You're the director, producer, and creative talent in the music video that you craft from scratch.
    Idol Promotion (Like American Idol? Control the idol, succeed and go on tour!)
    Pocket Tuner (Rhythm and music skills training software. Learn the proper beats, timing, and other musical structure for the portable pocketstation too, this in english as well and musically inclined.)
    Robots: Video Alchemy (collection of videos from the group Robots and mini games I think))


    Knight & Baby (Communication/ RPG Great game where you have this little guy as your helper!)
    Majotachi no Nemuri: Fukkatsu Matsuri (sleeping witch) As far as I know its an RPG where you play as a witch who has mystical powers!
    Master of Monsters J (RPG) 2.00
    Shadow Madness (Interesting 2 disk RPG) USA 4.50
    Tenshon (Awesome dungeon crawler with cool monster, like Torneko/Taloon's Quest, RPG stylin!)
    White Diamond (The Best) Fantasy RPG by Escot 4
    World Never Island - The Best (an action rpg taking place on an island)

    Space shoota:

    Aubird Force After (Space shooter simulation, straight from collection)
    based anime story) Action/Anime
    Invasion From Beyond (space shmup with aliens aliens) USA )
    Total Eclipse Turbo US Big Box) Shmup!
    Tunnel B-1 Europe Great action shooting taking place in tunnels! Europe english

    Strategy/Control em:

    A.IV. Evolution Global (the 2nd AIV game.... simulation sorta like simcity focusing on trains) europe english
    Dokidemo Hamster (Hamster raising simulation!) waiting for reply
    Neo Planet (Planet with dinosaurs in futuristic?)
    02292 PET PET PET (Dogs cats and pets simulation)
    Quo Vadis (A real time strategy like Command and Conquer in space, you choose a planet and destroy the enemy. Very addiciting cool scenes to
    show the mecha battle sequence) 8.00 US (4.00 GBP)
    Urban Chaos (here you can command vehicles, control cars, vans and use your martial arts skill so stop evil doers) Action Europe english

    Trading card/board/roll the dice:

    Beyblade 2002: (Spinners ram each other in battle arena again, surrounding anime has a story to it too)
    Dokapon: Kingdom of (Ikari no Tetsuken, cutsie game)
    Monster Collection: A game universe world connected to six gates fire, water, earth, wind, good, or evil element monsters. Their ability decided by battle spell, unit's equipment, combat items & terrain. Using north through west summon them in this famous card game and engage in battle with summoned monsters.
    Tetsuodoh 96 (Cute anime board game)

    1st person:

    Disrupter (protect from enemies of the United Earth) 1st person shooting Europe english 5.00 (2.50 GBP)
    Grind Session ?
    Guardian of Darkness, Just added (Play as the Exorcist Monk using your psychic powers to destroy enemies) Rare in English exclusive from Europe!
    Lifeforce Tenka (like Doom blast away the enemies and take on 28 different missions!!) PAL Europe english
    Over Blood 2 (just opened Complete with spine)
    Reloaded (Think 1st person shooting) US


    Battle Arena Toshinden 2 (Fighting BIG BOX US)
    02199 Ichigeki: Hagane no Hito (Karate fighting)
    Robo Pit 2 Europe (also in mech section)
    Zero Divide (US Bix box, Robot Fighting Big Box. Many characters with unique combo attacks and 20 different special moves with different levels for each character)

    Misc/Other genre/Couldn't know:

    Chakusin Melody Damon (Rare melody PSX Game if you like music)
    Chakusin Melody Damon Gold .. 2, 3 and 4
    Digicro (Crossword puzzles with cute cat character)
    King of Producer (Awesome game where you Simulate in a Palace))
    Momotarou Matsuri (2nd RPG in Momotarou series' Festival, DQ style!)
    Project V6 (Anime interaction game starring a boy group)
    The Great Peak (Mountain Climbing game)
    Tokimeki no Houkago (Tokimeki memorial chars quiz) )


    Dynamite Boxing (Defeat your opponent with various punches)
    V Tennis (virtua tennis)
    NCAA Madness 2000 USA (Basketball) "
    NCAA Final Four 2000 USA (Basketball) "
    NCAA Football 2001 USA "

    The Mix:

    US Playstation vol 18: Syphon filter, bust a grove, shadow madness, Mr Domino and Akuji
    US Playstation vol 24
    US Playstation vol 30: Syphon Filter 2, Final four 2k, CT Racing, Ave combat 3, Silent
    Playstation 59 UK: - Tony Hawk 2, Muppet Racemania, Star Ixiom, Euro 2000, Europe english
    Playstation 61 UK: Vib Ribbon, Star Trek: Invasion, Destruction Derby Raw, Moho, Silent Bomber. Prevs: Tenchu 2, Vanishing point, Galerians and


    Dokidoki potachyo Promo disk (may include additional features such as interviews etc for collectors)
    Rarara Playstation: Summer 1998 (somewhere.. another one from the 98 Tokyo TGS show (Inside demos incude Echo Night,Dragon Seeds,ALIVE, Bomberman Fantasyrace,Kawa no Nushi Tsuri: The River of fish and SD Gundam G-Generation!)
    Gamewave DVD vol 5 (For PS2, haven't tried it yet, looks like it may have some FFantasy stuff)
    Gamewave DVD vol 12 (Tidus on the cover)
    Squaresoft Preview 3 (Random Japan SQUARE demos in 1 disk!)
    Dengeki Playstation D36 (Kamurai, Hosigami, Kamurai, more
    Dengeki Playstation D37 (Save Date, Pocketstation stuff and games)
    Dengeki Playstation D39 (Havent tried but possibly some interview here few demos. Producer PS2, GT3 etc)
    Dengeki Playstation D42 (True Love story, AC4 and others)
    Hyper Remix 1999 #11: Tomba, Wizardry: New Age of Lygyam, SD Gundam, Ultraman, Pop n music
    Hyper Remix 1999 #12: Lord of monsters, Tomarunner, Remote control dandy, Minano Golf 2, A6 train and Zeus 2: Carnage Heart
    Play Play Vol 4 - 20+ 2-3 Each (Rare Collectors only disks) (Bunch of samples with exclusive CM Collection disk (previously Not for Sale) and I think Tokyo Game show movie great for collectors) 2 disks
    Famiwave promo disks and demos 10/99,11/99,12/99,3/00 check
    *Game books: Dragon Quest 7, Noel La Neige, Favorite Dear and Angelique Special 1 & 2
    **Game cards Brave Fencer Musashi (musashi himself 1 card, Langrisser booster back, Tenchi Muyo booster pack, Airs (2 cards) Monster Collection (2 cards), Wizardry (1), Yuyu Hakusho (several cards


    *Terracon SCES 02836 Europe (wierd game where you control an alien in 1st person perspective Action, some marks)
    02292 (PET PET PET), (Dogs cats and pets simulation)
    NEO PLANET, (Planet with dinosaurs?)
    00597 Band Simulation of Sold out (like Idol promotion),
    00484 (Soreike kokoroji), ?
    02172 (River of fish RPG),
    Tetsuodoh 96 (Cute anime board game)
    Un Un puzzle slps 01602 (Puzzle game match the colors)
    01257 (Train game 1),
    01865 (19:03 Train game 2),
    00448 (Admiral General II), Koei war game
    02199 (Ichigeki Karate fighting)
    00751 Running High (Cybernetic Racing)
    A5 (Train station)
    The Conveni 1 (own and simulate a convenient store)
    The Conveni 2


    Usagi: The Arcade Yamashiro
    The Seed (like command and conquer)
    Virtua Fighter 4 Japan
    thats it

    From traditional roam-the-streets-fighting to pure one-on-one fighter in this installment. Ten chars to choose,.

    For ALL other titles over 8 including Double Dragon PSX , check em out here
    I also have Movie + few Anime posters & video gamesposters you can inquire


    All complete with manual, case and disk (unless noted)

    Atlantis (multidisk adventure game)
    Baulders Gate (6 disks)
    Journeyman Project
    Journeyman Project 3 (Multidisk)
    Ring (multidisk adv)
    Shannara (based on the book) Adv
    Street Fighter Alpha
    Street Fighter Alpha 2 Sold
    Tracer (Awesome its like a puzzle game in 3D your in cyberspace and you have to make your floor! With each level challenge goes up)
    Wizardry 7 (1 disk)
    Wizardry 8 (note in this one manual is on disk itself 3 disk Adv RPG)
    Dark Earth (2 disks only)
    Dragon's Lair: Time Warp (disk only)
    Megaman X4 (disk only)
    Planescape Torment (D&D) 4 disks only
    Shipwreckers (disk only)


    Learn Japanase Now volume 7,
    Pimsleur Learn Japanese (recommend ),
    Easy Language 1998: (25 World languages, learn japanese as well other languages including Korean, Chinese & German etc).
    Languages & Translators 2000: (Similar to above one Japanese and Foreign language tutorials plus translator, this one includes Norwegian and Vietnamese too) for computer.


    Final War: Freedom & Honor (Flamings Fable) - 4 disk SRPG by Soft-World, China
    Guadian Sword: Egria II (Nice anime style Fantasy 5 disk RPG by Soft-World, China
    3 character - 2 disk Board game by Soft-World
    Hugo: Water Rapids (Although in a foreign language, great fun puzzlic, side scrolling and action)
    XenoAge (2 disk RPG)
    Corum 3 (3 disk SRPG) by Sofnet, Korea

    Corum 3: Play an aspiring knight on an adventure, (through dialogue and hand-to-hand combat) to protect a young girl from a mad magician. This game, inspired by the classic adventure The Legend of Zelda, has a display with five overlay levels that help the game look like a console title. Dark Lords have arrived to the land of Morron (Kaien's home) and with help of Balos take control over the great source of magic: Jumarion. Kaien's destiny is to confront these Dark Lords and defeat them before the Lords find the magic sword.

    Tengai Makyo Zero: Far East of Eden SFC, fs

    In medieval Japan to rule Jipang, evil prince summons a demon Ninigi. The hero Higen of 'legendary fire' must demonish king Ninigi to avenge his older brother and save the country. Battle scenes depict characters (up to three) in anime mode. Uses "Personal Life Game System" where time flows real-time, even while you switch off the machine. Different special events happen at different times of day, some changing throughout the year, all of the events and other subquests make TM Zero fairly involved. With a nice stylish animated intro, cool battle system and many characters. One most popular RPG series of all time in Japan, by Hudson Soft & Red (Red who brang us Thousand Arms, Bonk, Sakura Taisen. Complete with manual, box and cart.

    Have others will add later, for ALL Tons other titles over 8 including Double Dragon PSX , check em out here
    I also have Movie + few Anime posters & video gamesposters you can inquire
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  9. Double Dragon was sold, few new title added in Soukoban basic (famous puzzle game where you push blocks). The Fortune Telling (tells your fortune depending on your responses to a series) and Bugi fighting game from Konami


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