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Thread: Crackdown

  1. Xbox 360 II Crackdown

    We don't have a crackdown thread so I'm here to fix that. I'm really looking forward to this one, it surfaced months ago, people looked at it and then quickly forgot about it. Gameplay vids have popped up over time and the buzz seems to be slowly building.

    The 1up podcast has talked about Crackdown in the last 2 shows and the quick summary is that it has more in common with Mercenaries than GTA. The layout of the game sounds neat how there are mini and main bosses and depending on the order that you take them out, effects what happens in the world (take out the gun runner boss and the bad guys won't tech up that fast, take out the recruiter boss and bad guys won't respawn in that area).

    There are some RPG like elements in how your character can be built up, from starting cop to super human Hulk cop that can pick up and toss cars long distances and jump over buildings like they're hurdles. "Drop in" co-op sounds cool as hell where you don't have to play directly with your friend, he can romp around in your world and do anything he wants, or you can meet up and do shit together. I suggest downloading this weeks 1up Yours podcast to get the best idea of the game.

    The art and graphic style is much different than anything out there (especially for 360) so it stands from the crowd (draw distance is said to be amazing). Could be a nice hit despite having the Halo 3 beta invite driving sales. I'm skipping plopping down cash on Lost Planet for this one.

    Here's a link to 1up's Crackdown page for all the shit you want to read and see.

    Demo hits XBL next week too.

  2. Willing to give this a shot, the videos are promising. If I like the demo I'll get it. Jumping around like the Hulk is a big plus.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by TrialSword View Post
    Jumping around like the Hulk is a big plus.
    Believed. That part of the video is what got me curious.

  4. The cars which go from POS to Pimp My Ride had no factoring in it?

  5. #5
    This looks like complete ass to me, but I'll certainly give the demo a shot.

  6. What is wrong with the sky? Was is everything either orange or blue?
    Time for a change

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    Mets fans IMO.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by g0zen View Post
    What is wrong with the sky? Was is everything either orange or blue?
    Sunrise and sunset and the sky is blue so...yeah.

  9. Waiting on demo impressions, hoping this is awesome. Further updates as progress warrants.

  10. I'm looking forward to this game more than anything else for 360 this year (outside of Halo 3, of course). I think it would've slipped in under the radar a la Viva Piñata if MS didn't make the wise decision of including the Halo 3 part of it.


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