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Thread: Game of Thrones

  1. Hey, man, cut her some slack. She "forgot" about the boats.

  2. Seems like a dragon attacking at night would be pretty powerful
    look here, upon a sig graveyard.

  3. Yeah, it's not like they've got spot lights or night vision or something.

    The fly up to cruising altitude and drop a big fucking rock on King's Landing idea is a pretty good one too.
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    I'm sure whatever Yeller wrote is fascinating!

  4. Just eat some cow and diarrhea all over the city could save this season.

  5. I just caught up to the big battle episode. Is everyone retarded on this show now except Greyworm?

    Itís weird they had like these sneaking-around-the-undead scenes when there was clearly enough undead to fill Winterfell to the ceilings. Strange tactics too for a night battle.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Drewbacca View Post
    Strange tactics too for a night battle.
    What tactics? All tactics have gone out the window at this point in the show. It gets worse.


    Cast thoughts on upcoming end.

    Time to out Lost Lost, motherfuckers.

  8. Toasty!

  9. MEH.

  10. This season has been way too rushed. The Dany thing would have worked way better if it had had more time to breathe and develop.
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