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Thread: Game of Thrones

  1. Varys finally took it like a man

    And plot armor activated for the dragon this episode


    so why is Arya all of a sudden anti stealth? where did Tyrion go? Cersei literally had nothing planned? Why did Dany all of a sudden not give a shit about innocent people? did they just forget every character arch and rewrite it yesterday?
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  3. Bruh, this show is a lesson in being the best at not giving a fuck. As little effort as possible into something.

    It's amazing.

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    Game of Thrones

    Dany doesnít care because itís the only way they know to make her the bad guy.

    I hope we see Michael Myers come back.
    I hope Arya takes Jonís face and sits on the throne.
    What a show.
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  5. Dany was pissed because she lost Jorah and then Miss Sandy. Miss Sandy really meant a lot to her, and no one loved her. If only someone had joked and drank with her in Winterfell, all would be swell. It is all Jon Snow's fault, rejected his aunt 3 episodes in a row.

  6. The spoilers I read were 100% accurate so be prepared for an even worse finale.
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  7. Qyburn was also hilarious, the whole Cleganebowl was like a Monty Python bit.

  8. I actually bought a little bicycle bell to ring and then declare, with zero enthusiasm, "get hype?" specifically for that. Even before I knew it was going to be underwhelming and lame.
    - calianaderderajhfjdjjdskk

  9. What a clusterfuck, so disappointing.

  10. I was ok with all of it until the boring damn end of Jaime and Cersei.


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