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Thread: The Last Unicorn

  1. Wait... does TNL not know about Ninja Sex Party?

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    I like doing stuff with animals and kids

  2. That was awesome!

    Ah, the Last Unicorn... what a great film. I remember watching it as a kid, and I couldn't get that damn theme out of my head. Man, the '80s were so great for fantasy films. I remember I went to a summer program at the local movie theater that showed cartoons, the 3 Stooges, and then a feature film every Saturday. We saw the Last Unicorn, Transformers: The Movie, Labyrinth, the Dark Crystal, and others. Great times!

  3. I highly recommend attending the tour if you can. The new print is gorgeous, and Mr. Beagle is enchanting. Just so funny, so warm, a great storyteller... you'll wish he was your grandpa.

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    I like doing stuff with animals and kids

  4. I just found it The Last Unicorn is showing near me in two weeks. Thankfully I don't have to tear apart too much in the way of scheduling to make it work. I wasn't expecting to look forward to a movie more than Avengers 2 in May.

  5. Nice, the tour is going to be here in CT in November. My fiancée hasn't seen it so it will be a good way to introduce her. I'm excited!
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  6. HOLY SHIT it's coming to PR in Feb. Something good happening here? It'll probably be in San Juan on a Monday night.

  7. Oh hey, they're doing Iowa in December. I shall have to go to that.
    You sir, are a hideous hermaphroditical character which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Melf View Post
    HOLY SHIT it's coming to PR in Feb. Something good happening here? It'll probably be in San Juan on a Monday night.
    The people in charge actually respond if you email them. If the "San Juan on a Monday night" thing is a bad thing you can email them and they will see what they can do.

    If you read down the page, they have the story about the girl with cancer whose mother wrote in begging for them to bring the tour to her city and they did. It was awesome.
    - calianaderderajhfjdjjdskk

  9. Major bummer time. Ready? Here goes. From the email I received regarding merchandise ordered at the show:

    Connor Cochran here. I'm President and Publisher of Conlan Press, Producer of The Last
    Unicorn Screening Tour, and have been working with Peter S. Beagle since 2001.

    I wanted to reach out personally to share some challenging news, tell you what's going on
    with your order, and introduce you to Ashley Keefer, who will be helping you directly from


    In May I learned that Peter was having serious memory problems. Business and personal matters
    that he and I had worked on for years were completely gone from his head, and in addition he
    was confabulating -recalling only fragments of events, then filling in the blanks with things
    that never happened. I immediately suspended the screening tour, because I wasn't going to
    ask Peter to travel in his condition. Since then I've been handling a series of rolling
    mini-crises that couldn't be ignored.

    I won't go into detail here for privacy reasons, but anyone who has experienced something
    like this with an elder friend, family member, or co-worker will understand when I say that
    dealing with this development has been complicated, exhausting, and incredibly
    time-consuming. Even now, after three hard months, we don't know the cause of Peter's problem
    or whether anything can be done about it.

    What has become clear is that Peter isn't going to get better soon. That fact has forced a
    lot of changes.

    One of the biggest changes is that Peter isn't going to be able to complete any of the
    signing or personalizing he promised when you made your purchase. We need to make adjustments
    for that, and you will have to let us know your choice among the available options.

    Naturally we told them to go ahead and send everything as ordered; it's disappointing it won't be signed, but we didn't have the heart to ask for our money back knowing we'd be taking it out of the hand of such a wonderful person in his hour of need. It just breaks my heart knowing that such a great mind is deteriorating, and really makes me appreciate having had the chance to see him in person while he was still well enough.

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    I like doing stuff with animals and kids

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    The Last Unicorn

    I checked the website recently, because they are supposed to be coming near me this month, and saw the news. My grandmother has dealt with Alzheimer's for the past decade and has reached a point where she can't even put a coherent sentence together. Mental issues are so rough and I feel for anyone who has to deal with them.The story about Lula on the site is heavy, too.
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