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Thread: What Are You Listening to? Part 2

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    Assault- BGM 4 / Stage D
    Shinji Hosoe (Megaten)

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    nice western flourishes in this

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    Dude is super nice. his album dropped recently. soon as its payday. im copping ths and DAMN.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by JBNagis View Post

    Dude is super nice. his album dropped recently. soon as its payday. im copping ths and DAMN.
    Bull City, homie! Are you around NC by any chance, JB?
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    nope. im in Tucson AZ. love this track tho. Def going to check out them other 2 cats. ilike everything about that video.

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    Damn dude is niiiiice

  7. Soundgarden. All day long.

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    No one uses sigs.

  9. This May 25th marks 9 years since the death of my friend Camu Tao, an event that serves as an emotional and narrative anchor in both this song and my life. I wanted to reflect on things that had changed since, and try to connect some events I hadn't realized were potentially related.

    I asked my long-time friend and collaborator Coro to create some drawings that would accent parts of the lyrics, and director Rob Shaw was able to guide and weave the video into what it is here.

    Camu was entirely singular as an artist and human. You may notice those who knew him speak of him often still - his presence and humor and imagination and energy and impact. It's all still right there. I hope some of you that may not be familiar go check out his music. This man was something special.

    Unrelated factoid: This song was originally called The Impossible Kid, titled after the line in the song that employs the phrase. I ended up liking the name and moving it up the ladder. I then settled on "Get Out of the Car" borrowed from the last line - which, while a somewhat clunky title, felt like it got to the point nicely.
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