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Thread: What Are You Listening to? Part 2

  1. So after hearing everyone going on and on about Tool's Fear Inoculum being "worth the 13 year wait" and the "best Tool album ever," I gave it a listen last night and came away...kinda underwhelmed.

    It's fine, don't get me wrong, but upon the initial listen it's kinda just generic sounding. Their songs have always been long and used unconventional structure, but in this instance I think it's working against them. The songs are almost all 10+ minutes each and most of them are very meandering and unfocused and without any significant hooks, and as a result not one stuck out in any way from any of the others.

    Well, except for "Chocolate Chip Trip," which has to be a joke. It's a 5-minute instrumental throwaway track that's just random drums and beeping/booping, and it's a complete waste on an album with only 7 songs. Kind of a stupid thing to do when people have been waiting 13 years for new stuff to include something like this. I've tried and I can't sit through the entire thing.

    Otherwise, Fear Inoculum is a nice, relaxing listen (it's one of their more mellow albums overall...I do wish it was harder), and I might like it more with subsequent listens, but my first impression is that I don't get where everyone's earth-shattering orgasms are coming from. I think it's like how everyone loved The Force Awakens when it first came out (I didn't), but upon retrospect have rightfully picked it apart for all it's shortcomings.

    *EDIT* Actually, 7empest is pretty legit.
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